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Play Ginn & Camarillo vs. sitting Coles and Burress?

With Miami playing Denver's VERY weak pass defense, if I can pick up Ginn and Camarillo (which I can) and sit Lavernues Coles (vs. Bills) and Plaxico Burress (vs. Cowboys) this week, should I do it? If I only pick up one...who would you pick up? Ginn or Camarillo? BTW, Eli Manning is my QB.

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    Ginn probably wont have anything close to what he idd week 8

    so dnt be counting on more than 6 - 7 points

    Camarillo is been Pennington's favorite target and he is able to get around 10 pointes weekly

    i think u should pick up Camarillo and start him and Plax

    Coles has been following a patter of a god game, a bad game, a good game, a bad game..... and week 8 was a good game...

    hope i helped

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    Whoa, definitely not. Never trust Miami recievers, Denver still has a good pass D, its their run D that sucks. Coles and Burress are primed for big games. Especially Burress against the Cowboys. He got 100+ yards and 3 TD's against them last year.

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    Dont ever start a receiver where Pennington is the quarterback. Last week was a fluke. He may go without a reception this week. How many people have already been let down by Fasano and Camarillo after their breakout weeks?

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    Why, oh why...?

    I would never bench Plax, if he's playing. Coles vs Bills should be an OK matchup. Anyone vs Den pass def is a favorable matchup, but not so much for a team that would prefer to run the ball anyway vs a team that is only so-so stopping the run.

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    NO, still start your studs even though Burress isnt producing. Coles is doin fine. If anything bench Plax and start Ginn Jr. after what he did last week!

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