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Who would you start: Plaxico Burress or Jerricho Cotchery?

Burress is playing the Cowboys, Cotchery is up against the Bills. My other starting WRs are Lavernues Coles and Reggie Wayne (with TJ Houshmanzadeh starting for me at W/T). Tough choice because Burress only got 8 points in week 7, 1 in week 8. Cotchery can either have a great game or a poor game...not much in the middle. Yahoo's projected points for Burress is 8, Cotchery 7. Any ideas?

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    I have a really bad feeling about the Jets this weekend. I really think they're going to get pounded. I wouldn't be surprised if the passing game gets completely shut down and they are forced to use Washington and Jones MUCH more than normal.

    Should my suspicions be correct, the decisions on which receivers to sit easily becomes Coles and Cotchery.

    Definitely sit the Jets WRs.

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    Burress has just been very inconsistent this year. I would go with Cotchery who had a very good game last week although he didnt score, he is the more consistent receiver of the two and should finally get another score this Sunday vs. the Bills.

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    Definately start Burress over that soft Cowboy secondary. Last year, game 1 against the Cowboys, Plax had over 100 yrds and 3 TD's. Not that I'm saying he will repeat that performance, but I can definately see an 80 yrd, 1 TD game.

    Also, picking up 4 Jets in my draft has left me not believing in the recievers, being 3-4 right now.

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    Msn/Foxsports has an 11.85 projection for Plax and only a 7.49 for Cotchery, who hasn't had a TD since week 4 and is coming off a shoulder injury. I'm thinking Plaxico against the Cowboys. Manning is coming off a win against Pittsburg and will be taking a lot of confidence in with him, especially with Romo sidelined. I'm thinking he will be looking to pass a lot.

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    Definitely go with Plax. The cowboys secondary is very, very vulnerable and he should have a really big week. It's also dangerous to play two guys on the same team unless you don't have any better options, because (unless you're the cardinals or saints) there usually aren't enough passes to make for multiple #1 receivers.

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    On a week to week basis, Burress. He's the better guy.

    Then, keep this in mind. The Cowboys secondary is much depleted...minus Newman, minus Pacman Jones, minus R. Williams, minus Henry?, minus Jenkins?, minus Davis?, minus Watkins?.

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