Has England become too Multicultural?

Tell me what you think.


I am not a racist person (and nor did I mean this question to sound racist), I just think that England has lost its roots.

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    Yes..It has now come to the point where multiculturalism affects free speech, it also breeds racism

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    No, I don't believe England is too multicultural.

    The ethnic population is still less than 10% of the total population of the country.

    What has gone too far is the political correctness inspired pandering to the needs of a very small number of people. This leads to a belief amongst the wider population that there is a greater non indigenous population than there actually is. This can create feelings of animosity which are then nurtured and focused upon by some political groups

    Our way of life has changed, maybe not significantly, due to the arrival of people from other countries, as an example you could say they were the pioneers of extended shop hours which we all take for granted now. Just think, 30-40 years ago could you have easily gone out and bought something as mundane as a bag of crisps after 8pm at night or on a Sunday?

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    There are huge social problems amongst British people today and a lot of that is blamed on a lack of British identity brought on by the huge multicultural mix in Britain today. Too many people in this country make too much money out of mass immigration though so it will never change. It's tough though because I actually like living in a multicultural society but I would say that amongst everyone I know I am in a very small minority who do like the multi ethnicity in Britain. If Britain really was a democracy and it was put to a referendum immigration would stop tomorrow and sadly deportation would probably begin the day after. So lets just keep things as they are eh?

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    Multiculturalism and mass immigration are the biggest mistakes in 2000 years of history of what we now call the UK.

    Worse even than World War Two, we will recover from WW2 but multiculturalism has already almost destroyed our old community.

    In earlier centuries invaders were high tech people (for the time)

    they were small in numbers and European not African or Muslim.

    The answer to your question is yes

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    one day maybe people will be brave enough to own up to the fact that multiculturalism doesn't work, I know of no white people that socialise with any blacks other than at work, once the day is done we all go to our own little area,how many white people move into predominately black areas or Chinese areas or Indian areas it doesn't happen in any numbers because people are scared , if blacks move into a neighbourhood then the whites move out , and the only exceptions are the richer community's, if you get areas where all the races are forced through circumstances to live together ,that's when the trouble begins,

    England is systematically being forced into becoming the rainbow country of Europe,where ever colour creed religion and culture is embraced and welcomed to the detriment of our own culture and history. and although its not said being White being English being proud is not allowed because some liberal teeny human rightest thinks its not politically correct, well excuse my ignorant French but ,Go ---k yourself

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    Multiculturalism is a bad thing. They say travel broadens the mind, but there is no point to travel any more. In one area of my city, 80 nations are represented, that would say to me that at least 80 countries are not worth visiting. I only have to go to the bottom of my street to experience the indian culture, so why travel all the way to india.

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    i think its about time that we send

    merry christmas cards not happy holidays

    that we eat easter eggs and hot crossed buns

    that we fly our george cross /union jack

    that we enjoy our may day

    cheese rolling

    or what ever tradition we have

    we must hang onto culture

    we must celebrate the quirkiness of our areas

    after all being quaint and quirky along with strong and stick up for whats right is what being british is all about.

    unless you are willing to defend this country with your life perhaps you should not be calling yourself a brit...

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    New Labour have allowed a tidal wave of immigration and a tsunami of economic migration to drown the indiginous culture and society of this country.

    I am sick and tired of hearing all manner of pathetic excuses and offers of appeasment to those who claim to seek refuge in this country, but who in reality, seek to destroy it and replace it with a mirror of the country they claim to have left behind. They refuse to integrate and refuse to observe our laws, yet they are the first in line to accept all of the benefits which residency of the country bestows.

    I am also sick of being branded a racist, for daring to "speak out" of the dangers posed by uncontrolled immigration, when in reality I am merely a patriot, seeking nothing more than the survival of the country into which I myself and generations of my family before me were born into.

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    I agree with fdm 215. How can a country be TOO diverse. What is GBs cultural heritage? Being on the **** end of Europe has meant that loads of people from loads of different cultures have come here over thousands of years. There's no such thing as English culture, unless you're thinking of Morris Dancing, Druids, drinking too much and football violence.

    The biggest influence to GB has been Italian from the Romans. The language comes from France. The list goes on...

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    No. Although we may have lots of people from didfferent backgrounds, any English person you ask will say they love their country and I think we are famous for having strong traditional values and pride in our country.

    What I do hate though, as someone said before, is our country bending over backwards for all the not english people and today its a bloody minefield of political correctness. I am not racist at all but when in Rome, do as the Romans do and don't try to change the way things work here. I'm not saying they can't live here obviously and I know most people are fine but you always here stuff on the news and places like youu can't put up christmas lights in the street 'cause of the muslims, but I think that they hate being singalled out like that just as much as we do.

    And also, I think that the government needs to toughen up against some immigrants who come here and live on benefits and don't work. I absolutely don't believe this as a general statement for all immigrants but some of them do do it and the government needs to sort it out, 'cause while they live here getting all the council houses and benefit money there are people from here who are in more need of it.

    Source(s): I love England!
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    On immigration, I echo the sentiments of the late, patriotic M.P. Enoch Powell. The intellectual clearly stated if we let parasite immigrants into the U.K. then they will take over and take away the rights of the British man.

    The keen sportsman then went on to deliver a powerful, controversial speech, now known as "The Rivers Of Blood." In it he went on to describe how there would be conflicts of epic proportions against immigrants and the indigenous (British).

    All of his prophesies have come true. Though many liberal lefts would dispute this.

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