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Anyone ever play the old Championship manager on the PC ?

I am talking about the 1999/2000 and 2000/2001 seasons ?


I looked it out lately Annmarie, and I always found the best players were Simon Davies of Wales, a guy called Patric Antonen who was Swedish, and Javier Saviola, the Argentine. In one season I played, the won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in World player of the year. The modern Champ manager series is crap but I think Football Manager 2008 is brilliant - very addictive.

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    Yeah I used to play them all the time. Sometimes still play footie manager but nowhere near as much as you can lose days at time on that.

    Remember my first buys were always Saviola (if he wanted to come to Scotland), Kim Kallstrom and Kennedy Backiroglu. In the most recent one, in your first day in charge of the Hoops, 3 teams come in and offer £5m for Cillian Sheridan! Always helps the bank balance until you see him scoring 30 odd's in the EPL!!

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    I started playing Championship manager on my auld Amiga 500 years ago. Christ prob about 15 years ago. You're right about the modern Champ manager, dont know what it is but its pish. Footy manager on the other hand, can take over your life lol. Even the internet forums re tactics training etc are addictive

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    I always thought Fifa manager was the best manager games.

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    Ah've only jist goat the hing ae the atari.

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    no i don't play games on the pc and chas im actually only in my 30s xxx

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    i was too young for those seasons utrinque.better asking the old folk like fudgie,bluebell,mrs mendesboydwilson etc etc

    only in your 30s look so much

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    Old man playing old games, very fitting.

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