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Parents wpuld you put a photo of your child on facebook?

I would love to put some photos of my son on there. But I am not sure whether this is a good idea. I know there is a safety setting, but nothing is fool proof is it?

I know im probably bieng a bit overprotective, but in this day and age i dont think you can be too careful. What do you all think?

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    personally, i wouldnt. You never know who is looking, and what we would consider an innocent photo may be taken differently by some of the weirdos out there.

  • Yes, my sons even have their own facebook pages. There are privacy settings that allow you to be unsearchable, as well as only allowing friends to view your profile, my kids and I are all on those settings.

    I trust everyone who can see them either on my profile or their own, and it's a great way for the people who live far away to keep up with their growth etc.

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    well, I have pictures of my daughter on myspace! She is two 1/2 and I have my profile set to PRIVATE.. so you have to be in my friend list, or in order to become my friend you have to know my full name and email, and still even then i have to approve the add. SO I would say that its safe as far as how I have done it. .and I understand your concern.. I am not sure what privacy settings Facebook has..but I would say go for it. as long as your location is not revealed you should be just fine!

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    Yes i have loads of pictures of my children on Facebook. If you are worried change your privacy settings so only your friends can see your full profile. What harm can happen with a photo anyway?

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    properly i think of whilst its a infant its fantastic yet i understand i could be wierded out with the help of the certainty if my mom positioned a percentof me and a pal for her profile image (im 14) , i mean we arent those attempting to make buddies. a profile image says alot and devoid of understanding the guy o.k. identity think of they didnt have plenty a of a existence outdoors their family members (except its a percentof your finished family members on holiday or some thing like that, or if the guy became into interior the image in any respect) so in certainty no i think of in the event that they're above 5 or 6 then no

  • I have 100's of photos of my 2 children on facebook my profile is set to private and my pictures are all locked to friends only.

    so long a you know that your friends lists are people you know then this is fine no worry's

    Good luck

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    I don't have facebook but do have myspace and its set to private and I only have people that I know as my friends so yes I put my kids pics on there...that is how we all share pics so everyone can see them and leave comments.

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    Yes - Have lots of pictures of our family on facebook and videos on youtube - i think you can be a bit too careful, and it's nice for people who I very rarely see (like my cousin in Australia) to see how were all getting on!

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    Hi i am a mum to 4 and i have as my children doesnt go anywhere without myself or family or well known friends even then i will have the parents phone numbers and my children will have mine (hes learning our phone no at the moment) its upto the individual

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    Well, as long as you don't give our your address and phone number on facebook, i dont' see a problem with putting pictures up.

    I think pedophiles are targeting kids who put up profiles at these sites, not parents who put up kids' pictures, if you see what i mean.

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