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Does hair grow back over a tattoo?

I want to get my forearms tattooed but I don't want it to be covered in hair.

Will I have to keep shaving them for the rest of my life? lol

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    Of course it will grow back, I can't believe how dumb the first person who replied to this is.

    They shave the hair to make it easier to tattoo over. But it will NOT damage the the hair from growing again.

    You will still be able to see the tattoo even if there is hair grown back, except if the tattoo is on you're head.

    Source(s): Owner of many tattoos, and hair grows back every time.
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    Source(s): Preventing Pattern Baldness
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    I have tattoos on my inner forearms, that partially go onto my forearms, and the hair grew back fine.

    However, I got a sizeable tattoo on my calf earlier this year. For whatever reason, I'd say maybe 50% of the hair grew back. Which is nice because you can see my tattoo clearer, but it is puzzling.

    I suppose if the artist is a little heavy handed, MAYBE some follicles could suffer casualties. But I really don't know.

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    Yes it does, i had a tattoo done over my shoulders hoping it would not grow back, but it did, it doesnt look to bad though, the tattoo is still completly visable, if it grows back to much, just get it waxed once a month or save up for laser reduction, good look.

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    It grows back so if you want it hair free you have to shave or wax forever or until you're so wrinkly noone wants to look at you anyways

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    You will have to keep shaving them for the rest of your life. Or at least until you get sick of people laughing at your shaven arms.

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    Yes it does grow back


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    yeah it will. tryi waxing instead of shaving. the hair will thin and eventually stop growing .

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