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can i service my car myself?

i am skint and want to service my car myself, is this possible and what do i do?

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    Yes, it's quite possible, though sometimes difficult to do everything the "book" recommends due to the increasing complexity of modern cars. I'd get yourself a Haynes manual and read it all. Then you can decide what you feel capable of tackling yourself.

    If at all possible it helps to befriend a local one-man or small garage operation with a good reputation in the neighbourhood. What he can do swiftly and relatively cheaply on his ramp and with his tools might take you days grovelling in the road under the car.

    We've got one near here and only about a month or so I was in there and behind a young lady with clearly the same problem. The boss/foreman/mechanic/ teamaker/floor sweeper was saying something like "Look, I'll do an oil and filters change for you, and I'll give it a look over and tell you if there's anything that NEEDS doing now, all for £40, then you won't waste money on something that's not important." I'm sure he didn't make any money out of it, but he will when she comes back and when she tells her friends. If you can find a gem like that, you're quids in.

    Source(s): Years in my youth on the ground draining sumps & punching screwdrivers through recalcitrant oil filters.
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    Keith i am of the generation when, if you were an ordinary working bloke and were lucky enough to have a car, you either did it yourself or it did not get done.

    Someone once said - and there is a lot of truth in it - that the main difference between a Mechanic and a diy guy with a Haynes manual is time. What the diy man will take a day to do the mechanic will do in 2 hours. But that was in the days when cars were a lot simpler than they are now. Some jobs on a modern car require special tools and diagnostic equipment etc.

    You can certainly do the oil and filters change easily, you could very likely do a brake pad and shoe change. Once past that it starts getting more complicated.

    Some jobs appear simple in print but are a nightmare in practice. The starter motor on a mk3 astra with the Isuzu diesel is a good example. In theory it is just ondo the wiring, and undo 2 retaining bolts. Well, if you try doing that with the car just supported with the standard car jack or with the nearside wheels up on a high kerb, you will soon find out the true meaning of the word 'frustration'!

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    Servicing Your Own Car

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    sure many people do it... service can mean a few things most offen oil change and oil and air filters but you should do a tune up knowing that you dont knwo when it was done last any parts store can help you just give them car info and ask you wish to do a service job and dont know where to start just say you need everything one needs its not hard.. many things you can do at home this site can help just type in how to change or how to replace and name of part.... how to do a oil change how to replace brake pads.. it will tell you.. best way to keep ones car running great is by keeping it in great running order more you do the better sometimes you might run inot something you cant handle you can buy a repair manual for that type of car and that will help you even more service means service could be any part on car so do a oil change and tune up and you will know your self ... do this with any and every car you just get more so with used cars you just never know when it was last done

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    The only service a Micra needs is a funeral service! But really, if you need to ask, you're probably not up to doing it. A full service usually involves checking all the "consumables" on a car - brake pads, oil and water filters, spark plugs, tyres, washer bottle, air con (which you won't have) etc. The best thing to do is to get yourself a Service Manual (Haynes are by far the best known).

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    You can change the oil yourself. When I was young and impoverished, I used to park my car with 2 wheels on the curb to get access to the oil drain plug. It can get a bit messy, especially if you don't have a big container to catch the oil - have some rags on hand to clean up the spills. Laundry powder and a garden hose works well also.

    Then you can clean or change the air filter - that's usually quite simple.

    They are the most important tasks that need to be done frequently.

    I used to do everything on my car - but I let someone else do everything now - so much easier.

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    You have to remember how complex cars are, if you have a basic mechanical knowledge and want to do basic stuff like oil changes and a simple tune up ( depending on the car ) then you should be fine.

    It also depends on what kind of car you have, some need special tools and special training.

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    what kind of car do you have and what year is it? the new cars are harder to work on but are safer then an older ones. i do most of the work on my 88 chevy pick up with a 4.8 v6 but those are easy motors to work on. what i can't do i have a friend who owns his own repair shop and he fixes it for me and he dont charge me to much.your best bet would be to get a repair manual from an auto parts store and study it and have it with you when you have to do some repairs take your time and don't rush the job good luck to you.

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    What do you want to do? Are you just wanting to change the oil and filter or do you wish to do all the work yourself?

    If all you want to do is change the oil, look in your owner's manual, it will likely tell you how to do that, otherwise, go buy yourself a repair manual for your car. You can buy them at or at your local auto parts store.

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