Why is John McCain having so much of a problem defeating Barack Hussein Obama?

Barack Hussein Obama has:

no executive experience

little governmental experience

He attended and admired the pastor of an openly racist Church and keeps injecting the charge of racism against those who oppose his views.

He associated with a known terrorist.

Is a member of the socialist party.

Has a negative view about America.

has unanswered questions about His Muslim past and education.

By this posing Obama should not even be in the race. I believe the problem is that the Republican party did not nominate a person that would give the nation an ideological choice instead of just another liberal with socialist leanings pretending to be a Conservative. Most Conservatives see right through that facade and many can not even hold their nose and vote for McCain. What do you think?


Can no one give an intellectual answer to this question instead of just emotional reactions. This is a serious endeavor to elect a president but everyone seems to be supportive for emotional reasons alone. Whee is reason among potential voters?

Update 2:

BTW- I am a Christian and cannot vote for either of the candidates because both parties have pro abortion candidates and to vote for either is a mortal sin. So I have no dog in theis fight, just wanting to see if people have reasonable answers to a question that confuses me.

Update 3:


Thank you for the video link. It supported my fears that the struggle of the civil rights movement will be set back 40 years by the election of a racist president Like Obama. Of all the charges against Obama it is clear that he supported racism in his admiration of Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan. He spent 20 years listening to such rhetoric in His Church. One must at least acknowledge his approval of what they teach and as the father of mixed race children it scares me to think that such a person could be elected in the US.

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    Perhaps its just like when Jimmy Carter was elected. We had 8 years of Republicans, we had seen things get a little worse, things went to hell in a hand basket for the last 2 years which is largely the Congress and democrat's fault..but no one wants to hear it. They've been hearing to much junk, too much lies...they want change......exactly the same crap the democrats said before Jimmy, and 30 years later thier crap tactics still seem to fool the fools.

    Not to mention Obama has run just as negative ads as McCain..but at least McCain sponsored ads have a thread of truth to all of them. Obama's been flat out lying, taking people completely out of context and running all spanish ads in 4 key states.

    Obama always has been outspending McCain 3 to 1 in money on the adds, so in sheer quantity Obama has more negative ads than McCain. Personally I didn't know holding someone's failed record up for display was an attack...some of us call that accountability.

    Ya, I now...that nasty A word that democrat politicians hate.

    But that's it in a nut shell.

    I've been told this is the dumbest generation in America...and by the large support for Obama, I think i'm convinced.

    No one every painted McCain as a knight in shining armor and the saviour of all our problems, but he's a heck lot better than a socialist that tells people straight up he's going to rob them of thier money and "spread it around".

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    Well keep in mind that these are just my personal opinions and I DO NOT officially represent any/all Christians. McCain is a politician with many years of service to his country and experience as a political leader. Barack Obama has only a few years of political service but has yet to really establish himself as a leader (one needs experience for that).

    When the democrats had their candidates run for the nomination, there were quite a few candidates with potential. But I think America (and especially the news media) became quite fascinated almost obsessed with making U.S.history. It was the first time that a woman and a black man were serious contenders for the nomination of the democratic party. People either voted for Hillary because she was a woman or white or they voted for Obama because he was a man or black. Obama was receiving a lot of attention.

    People woke up and realized Hillary was not going to be a good president or they were not going to have a woman president.

    Obama won the nomination and achieved celebrity status. I think people are attracted to Obama just like they are to other celebrities.

    He is not a good politician and he is an inexperienced leader. McCain has quite a few things on his platform that I am not overly excited about , so I am still one of the undecided people OK.

    I think that when it comes to the election, it may indeed be a very close race. The one good thing that has come out of all of this, is that I think for the first time in the past 2 generations, Americans are actually paying attention to politics, the issues, and really thinking about this.

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    With all due respect, I disagree with your idea that McCain is somehow "Pro-Abortion". I watched the last debate. McCain stood his ground on appointing new Supreme Court Judges (during his term) would be Pro-Life, swaying the Roe V. Wade into new light.

    As a Catholic Women, I cannot turn such an important issue away.

    My Opinion as to McCains struggle: The past 2 Bush epics...Simple as that. No-One wants more Bushology. Because McCain represents the same party...He Was Destined for a Battle. Carrying the weight of the parties predecessors and Marked by their stain.

    Both opponents are Not Capable of Miraculously Healing Our Economy...during their 4 year term. So, they both are in denial. My vote is centered around the fact that God disapproves of killing our children. If you have information to the contrary: Please post a link.

    (((Hussein))) I watched the utube, it mentions not one word about abortion issues. I find this to be a notable difference between the candidates. I also find it presumptuous to compare Obama to JFK.

    The racial issue seems to reflect some kind overture in this election. You state >>>Ignore the color of his skin<<< Why would we need to do that? What's that got to do with anything?

    I have not ruled out that sexism is just as deliberate cause to justify not supporting a candidate. Just food for thought.

    Peace Be with You.

    Source(s): Catholic@Heart
  • The evil one has something to do with this, You are right both candidates are not good. But the media and the whole bunch of people that believe in Obama are duped. We are in for a ruff ride if we elect him, But I think McCain is the fall guy. In order to have an election you really need two candidates. They want to usher in the One world Order and in order to do this they have back Obama. With the economy putting us in a third world government they can surely do this. There is going to be change alright but, not the change any of us want. there will be no more middle class, only the real rich and the real poor.There is no faith here, our country has lost God, so we have lost everything. Or are going to loose.

    Oh, it will happen with McCain also, but it will happen slower.Obama is right up there in league with the whole thing. A no nothing who came out of no where. Like someone else in history who did the same. I think he was a house painter before he rose to power. Do you remember! God bless you.

    History does repeat itself. Only this time it is going to be all of us not just one group of people.

    Edit: maybe the republican party didn't give us a better choice, but that's because they are all in it together. They don't want someone who will tell you the truth and they all blame each other for the mess we are in. Truth of the matter is that they knew this would happen, this is what they have been pushing for. this election is not an election that I have ever seen. and the underlying sneaky way they are doing are for their benefit is no good. Everyone don't seem to take issue with the hidden past of Obama. It doesn't seem to concern them. It's OK that his past is what it is to them. Their more worried about their money. Yes, we should be worried about our money, but it will be worse if Obama gets in. This country is almost bankrupt now. He will not make it better. I guess no one sees it but us. How sad for this Nation.

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    The main problem is that about 90% of the mainstream media is backing Obama. They whitewash the many negative facts you mention in your question details.

    True, McCain unwittingly gave the media this power through his Campaign Finance Reform Act. This law does nothing to limit campaigning the big media. By rejecting public funding for his campaign, Obama is able to tap into unlimited spending using big money liberals. In the days of Reagan, well-heeled conservatives could counter the media monopoly to get out the truth.

    This is an election that will decide Roe v Wade forever. If Obama is elected, he will lock in the view that abortion is a right extending to the moment of birth and even beyond, as shown by Obama's opposition to the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

    While McCain has not been right about stem cell research, he has supported the overturn of Roe v Wade, and he has consistently opposed abortion on demand. He would appoint originalists like Roberts and Alito to the Supreme Court. He appointed a highly effective advocate as his running mate, one who personally exemplifies reverence for life by cherishing her own Down's Syndrome child.

    On the right to life issue, he should have the votes, contributions, and advocacy of every Christian.



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    no executive experience-true

    little governmental experience-true

    He attended and admired the pastor of an openly racist Church and keeps injecting the charge of racism against those who oppose his views.-no such thing as being guilty by association

    He associated with a known terrorist.-who is now a highly respected man

    Is a member of the socialist party.-no, hes a democrat

    Has a negative view about America.-this is very subjective.What someone sees as an attack on america, shows someone else, that this person dislikes this issue so much, hes willing to use his freedoms to speak out against it, because he doesnt want to see america hurt. I see questioning the governments actions as very patriotic.

    has unanswered questions about His Muslim past and education.-what does a muslim past have to do with anything? hes been going to a racist christian church for 20 years

    But anyways, i think the reason mccain is having so much issues is his campaign.

    Obama started off his campaign on why people should vote for him. From what ive seen with the mccain campaign he really hasnt given americans enough reasons to vote for him, instead, hes run on obamas failures. It reminds me very much of the kerry vs bush run. Kerry ran on 'bush is bad', and bush ran on 'this is why you should vote for me'.

    Another major issue for mccain, is that he seems to be attacking obama as a person instead of his ideas. Obama is a very likeable person, and when you attack a likeable person, you only make yourself look bitter.

    Mccain would benefit by going after obamas ideas.

    Source(s): I dont support either candidate. I just think fairness must be achieved.
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    I have to admit, I do not understand obama mania. However, he is the nominee of the democratic party and people are afraid, because of the economy. McCain being republican is linked to that because economic conditions have worsened during a republican administration. republicans have a certain economic philosophy which people see as responsible for the worsening economy. right oe wrong, that is why Obama is pulling away, and even has a chance to take not just battleground states bu traditionally republican ones.

    I cannot vote for Obama, because of his pro-abortion stnad, and I cannot vote for McCain even though I have a great deal of repsect for him; I cannot vote for him becasue I do not trust him to fix the economy. so, I will have to write in a pro-life democrat, who I believe will fight for the civil rights of the unborn, while denying the right of homsexual "marriage". Probably David Roberti.

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    For one Mccain is Pro-life and against stem cell research. I think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that minorities are voting for Obama because he is minority. You should listen to this: http://imagemanipulation.art.googlepages.com/SalIn... I had to laugh at some of it because it shows how ignorant some people are. Obama will be the downfall of this Country, we will reap what we sow. I hope and pray that the silent majority is out there and will rise up and do the right thing!!!

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    With all due respect, I disagree with your idea that Barack Hussein Obama is somehow "Pro-Abortion". Did you watch the last debate.

    Republicans did this to J F Kennedy 1960 & were wrong. http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=ReDCmk2c2g8

    John McCain can't beat him because he chose an unqualified running mate in a stunt to attract women and the hard core religious right voters.[ fundies ]

    Ignore the color of Obama's skin and vote for a possible change!! I just think fairness must be achieved.

    The truth will set you free.


    Source(s): cristoig... Please watch this video; http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=47ZbPsEMFjo&feature=... God Bless..........Love your enemies.
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    I agree with you. But the Obama supporters keep playing down his associations as if they don't matter. I feel like I'm watching a horror movie and the stupid girl is opening the basement door to investigate the terrible sound she's heard...and the lights are out! You scream "don't do it" but she does. And you can only watch in frozen horror as the inevitable happens.

    Obama supporters overwhelmingly cannot tell you why they like him, "they just do." I have to say he is well spoken, appears to be calm and collected at all times. These make him appealing on camera, but hardly make him presidential material.

    The racial issues apparently only go one way. If you are white and not voting for Obama you are a racist, if you are black and are voting for Obama, you are a conscientious voter. Go figure.

    Unbelievably Americans blame the president for the fact that many of them took on mortgages they can't afford, as if President Bush himself, forced them to sign the loan papers. The economy isn't the government's fault, it is the fault of greed.

    Obama's plan is have more government involvement, more government spending. How much do you think his health care plan is going to cost tax payers? Billions...I guarantee.

    But I think it just comes down to the media push and the appeal of Obama. There are many voting for him who have no clue where he stands on the issues, they haven't checked his record. He tells them what they want to hear and they go no further. No on reasons things out anymore. No one checks up on their candidiate to see if he really can do as he promises.

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