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Is a Bachelor a single man?

Is a Bachelor a single man with no girlfriend/wife

If so what is a dating Bachelor? my friend has a crush on someone and a friend of her's called him the dating Bachelor and said that he is available and she should just ask him out on a date.

My definition of a dating bachelor is a single man who is eliglible to date?



I think because this guy is in his 30's maybe they mean dating bachelor as in ageing bachelor?

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  • Marc M
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    Yes, a bachelor is a single man. Whether he's dating or not is mostly irrelevant, but maybe her friend means that he's a bit of a player. That's up to your friend to determine, though.

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    Single Man Bachelor

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    Unless they changed the definition of a bachelor and didn't tell me, it is still an unmarried man. It doesn't matter if he is romantically involved with someone or not. I assume that dating bachelor is someone who is available to date. Then again, dating bachelor could be a kind word for player.

  • Anonymous
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    A bachelor is a man who decided not to marry and stay single, but that does not mean that he would not have sex with the opposite sex. He is eligible to date,but it will be only with out no commitment at all.

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    A bachelor is someone who is un-wed - therefore they may date a lot but have never (or maybe don't want to!) settled down.

    e.g. George Clooney is a famous bachelor - but he has had relationships with women.

  • Taurus
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    Bachelors = commitment issues

  • Anonymous
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    My definition would be the exact same as yours!!!

    the term an"eligible batchelor" came from a guy that was single and worth snapping up for a relationship!


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    an unmarried man.

    Can still be dating, if a man is not married, he's either a bachelor, divorced, or a widower.

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    a dating bachelor is a basic bachelor who goes on dates with several people... keeps it casual... nothing serious

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