ideas to raise money for neonatal ward school charity?

we have just chose our school charity to go to the local hospitals Neo natal ward (for premature and ill new borns) i feel really strongly about this and want to raise as much money as possible.. any chance of getting ideas for charity events to raise money thanks :) x

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    1 decade ago
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    Sponsored school walk(get the whole school to walk from a2b ...parents sponsor ...

    car boot event at school

    Bingo night at school

    quiz night

    selling booze for the above 2 events using the donations approach ..

    plant sale ..we used to get spring bulb catalogues and sell them to parents ...they order what they want so no waste

    school calendar ...each kid draws themselves so you get all the kids on calendar ...

    beetle drive

    school disco

    bar-b cue event in summer ..we did ours after school sports day ..had bouncy castles ,face painting raffles etc...

    Auction of promises...

    Contacted local companies ,got donations then auctioned all of one evening ..raised about 2.5k on the night

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    1 decade ago

    if your school has a uniform in place, have a "mufti day" in other words a day with out uniform, but the kids can only wear the own cloths if they bring in 50p or £1.

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