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Whats the FCA in ireland.?

Is it somthing to do with the Military.?

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    We also used to joke "Fools carrying arms" or the free clothing association. Then with the increase in funding from the government during the celtic tiger they were properly trained and equipped.

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    Fca Ireland

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    I did`nt even know that Croke Park existed until about a couple of weeks ago. I`ve heard that there was a massacre there by auxilary police working for the British in 1920, in revenge for the massacre of 14 British agent earlier that day. A stand in the stadium has been named after the captain of one of the teams playing that day, because he was one of the dead, that day is now known as bloody sunday. Also one of the stands was built from the rubble of the post office on O`Connell street where there was a big fight a few years earlier. Since then the stadium has been almost exclusively used for Gaelic sports, until recently when Rugby Union has been played. HOW DID I DO? Oh and it was named after a bishop called Croke.

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    An Fórsa Cosanta Áitiúil is the reserve force of the Irish Army

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    An Fórsa Cosanta Áitiúil the reserve soldiers in ireland. However that name don't exist anymore they are now called the RDF (reserve defence forces)

    Look them up on

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