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How do refereeing decisions get affected by pressure from fans?

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    It was proven in a recent match of Manchester United vs Everton on 25-Oct-2008 where Sir Alex Ferguson replaced Wayne Rooney after Rooney recieved a yellow card by the referee Alan Wiley. Sir Alex then substituted him with Nani.

    Later. Sir Alex admitted that he substituted Rooney due to concern that the referee can do unexpected things- red carded rooney- due to pressure from the Everton fans.

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    Well, I think the referees do give into fan pressure a little bit.

    It is especially well documented that of all the penalties given at Old Trafford only a few have gone to the other team and get penalties at Anfield, it is also well known that the Fans can create an electric atmosphere to upset even the best referees.

    I'm sure at the San Siro, Internationale fans are the same.

    Every decision has to go your way and the crowd pressure makes it that way. Petty decisions often go to the home team, especially if the referee is unsure, even a little bit.

    Recently at Anfield, Jeremy Aliadiere was sent of for slapping Javier Mascherano, after fans in the Centenary stand picked up on the incident.

    Making your home advantage count is vitally important, and that means putting pressure on the referees to make sure you ram home that advantage.

    However some decisions are in favour of the Big Four teams.

    Even more recently, John Terry, was sent off, but later had the decision overturned, partly due to Chelsea's influence.

    Even certain managers have enough influence alone to do just that.

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    In my opinion, i think the answer to that question depends entirely on the ability of the referee in the match, and if he is able to act clearly under pressure

    with millions watching on tv

    and thousands of fans watching at the ground

    plus his bosses and colleague's

    and the players on the pitch shouting at him

    they have to make a decision that could ultimately effect not just the result of the game but also their own job security

    and all in a space of 5 seconds...

    lets say a player handles the ball in the area

    it is an unstoppable handball where the players hands are waist height and the ball hits them very fast from a shot...

    the players see it

    the fans see it

    they are all shouting at the ref for a handball but he was not in a good position to see it, and the linesman did not see it either due to an obstruction in the view by another player...

    the ref now has a decision to make

    if he did not see it he cannot make the call ?

    but just because he did not see it, it does not mean it did not happen ?

    the fans and players wouldnt shout unless it was so...?

    the oposition are saying it was accidental ?

    but they would say that ?

    and then the pressure hits...

    and with a stadium of fans shouting at the ref and only at the ref to make a decision...

    what does he do

    and that is the moment when he either goes by his own judgement or by the fans...

    it happens all the time

    we all know it happens even if they deny it

    and the bad thing is unless we use replays as part of the decision making process it will continue to happen because humans will always surcome to pressure

    you of all people should know this by the red card that was given to a chelsea player in the match v liverpool a couple of season ago

    he didnt deserve it

    it was accidental

    but the ref was taking the fans reaction as the proof and give him the card which resulted in you getting a draw instead of a win...

    chelsea deserved the win

    the ref was the reason they didnt get it...

    and you lost the league by 6 points

    it could have been 3 instead or it could have been a turning point for you winning it instead ?

    all because of that ref

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    Managers affect the referees a whole lot more than the fans do.

    Thats why the fourth offical is employed in keeping the managers calm and deflecting the flak away from the guy in the middle.

    Players also have a big effect in the way they manipulate the referee by diving and over complaining about decisions. Its about time some players got punished for it.

    Fans have very little power when it comes to pulling up referees on bad decisions, all they can do is whinge about it, so really they don't matter.

    Lets see some respect for the referees from the players and managers.

    Then they can lecture the fans once they have changed their ways.

    Good luck with your career Mr. Mourinho.

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    I hope inter meet chelsea and inter destroy chelsea. That would be funny.

    And as for your question i think referees get put into a position where they want to make the right decision and make everyone happy but that is the problem no matter what decision a referee makes not everyone will be happy. Perhaps one of the reasons why referees make bad decisions is because they are not 100% sure over an incident and when your not sure you tend to make mistakes/wrong decisions. This is where fans,players can influence a referee's thinking. This is why i seriously hope some sort of hawk-eye system can be used for referees and give them some further assistance in making their decision correctly.

    Hope this helps Mourinho. Forza Inter.

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    Well if your a player from a big club such as Manchester united, Liverpool and Arsenal the referee decisions favour you, however if you are a player from a so called small club such as Bolton, Wigan etc the refereeing decisions go against you.

    I don't know whether this is caused by fan pressure or other reasons!

    By the way Jose you are a top man!

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    Refereeing should not get affected by any pressure from any third party but unfortunately its not the case in the real world, as you are very well aware Mr Mourinho . The more experienced and confident the referee gets decisions tend to get less influenced by others

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    ""How do refereeing decisions get affected by pressure from fans?""

    Go and stand in front of the Liverpool Kop and that will answer your question.

    I don't know why many people are bringing up Man Utd and Old Trafford. Their fans are notoriously quiet. At Old Trafford it's not the fans who affect the refs but rather the moaning and finger waging of Utd boss Alex Ferguson. Refs and linesmen are too scared to get on the wrong side of Fergie than they are the prawn sandwich munchers and day trippers which make up most of the Old Trafford crowd.

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    This thing about refs getting more respect,refs get a lot of respect when a player starts a match he"s not thinking about giving the ref a hard time the player wants to play football when the match gets under way and your in the middle of the action you want to do the best for you and your team but sometimes there migth be a late tackle the player is ok and the rest of the players know he is ok but for some unknown reason the ref sends the player off ,everyone knows it is not a sending off but this ref suppose to be sensible ruins the game then players get annoyed and ask the ref why he sent the player off ,the refs then won"t talk to anyone and it gets frustrating and thats why a player gets annoyed with the ref.but if refs talk to players then players show respect back to refs so the game is played and everyone is happy."Simple"! Refs talk to players the respect is there.

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    I would not say fans can get much of a word, but players puting pressure on every referee call can affect the referee for sure. But a good referee should not let anything affect his judgment...

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