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How can I tell if someone has logged onto Facebook?

Like you can tell when someone loged into Myspace last.

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    You can't unless they have made some changes to their page, wrote on someone's wall or anything else that may come up in the News feed.

    Source(s): i tried to find out as well but there is no way.
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    U can tell if its a friend loged on by looking at the bottom left side of the internet browser. At least thats how I tell. Hope this Helps!!


  • lieske
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    i'm uncertain if there's a particular 'became final on-line'.. thingy yet there is the little on-line icon that tells human beings once you're on-line yet you may turn this off, additionally they could tell from the mini feed and different feed thingy. you may disable those too nonetheless so none of your assistance is on view to every physique, no longer even your acquaintances. i individually do no longer want all human beings understanding each and every little ingredient so I disabled mine. that is under you protection settings under profile i think of.

  • NAB
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    While you're on Facebook, look on the lower right corner of your computer. It'll show "Online Friends" and how many of your friends are online. If you put your cursor or click on it, and it'll tell you who exactly of your friends are online. You could even choose to chat with them.

    But that can also be deceiving. There can be more of your friends, but they could've put themself 'offline' other words invisible while they are actually online on Facebook.

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