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The Libertarian Party represents U.S.A. Who agrees with me?

The Democrat Party represents socialism and communism. They believe in bigger government, high tax, and less individual freedom.

The Republican Party represents facist. They believe in segregation, a leader is above the law, and torture individual similiar to what Hilter did.

The Libertarian Party represents democracy. Freedom. Individual Freedom. The right to own property. This party is the founder of U.S.A!!!!!!



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    The Libertarian Party represents the idea of what America was supposed to be. Unfortunately, this great idea was wasted on people as stupid as the Americans.

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    The individualism in Libertarianism is dangerous and does not take into account how interconnected we are. Your neighbor's welfare should be in your interest because if he fails, so do you eventually. The domino effect is happening right now, and even on an international scale due to globalism. Consider social programs an investment. Even though YOUR tax dollars are funding local public schools (and you the libertarian is pissed because you have no children), an educated population does affect you. Look right now! We can't compete in the international market because education is so poor.

    Besides, do you know what socialism is? Did you know that there is no such thing a pure socialism or pure capitalism today, but we employ both kinds of economic measures depending on the state of the economy? Did you know that the largely Socialist New Deal program under FDR was what got us out of the depression? And did you know that all socialism means is nationalizing some aspects of the economy to ensure just distribution? It's not the end of private ownership. Socialism is not a form of government, but an economic system. You can be a socialist democracy like much of europe and Canada.

    And punishing success? Nobody wants to reward the lazy! Let me give you a few statstics. The ratio of executive to pay to worker pay was 40:1 in 1980 and now it's 500:1. Keep in mind that real worker salary hasn't increased. Is asking legitimate questions as to why WORKERS salaries haven't increased and why that disparity so huge radicalism? If so, you are the perfect candidate for feudalism (and you wouldn't be the ruling class).

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    it truly is a confusing question thinking we are in a distinctive time and historic context. in spite of the undeniable fact that, in case you're observing the social gathering's at present and picture approximately how they view the situation and scope of government, somewhat the nationwide government, then it style of feels to me that the democratic social gathering may well be in step with the Federalist and their concept in an energetic and reliable Federal government. at present's republican social gathering embraces a constrained place for the federal government and are a lot extra keen on the states. for that reason, they sound a lot like the Anti-Federalist, and honestly voice many of the comparable concerns approximately an overbearing Federal government.

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    They come close. Honestly, the only party that TRULY represents the US is the Constitutionalist Party (Chuck Baldwin).

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    You had me up until the facist segregation Hitler talk.

    Although, I will probably vote for Bob Barr, because I live in Illinois.....we all know who this state is voting for.

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    Party of idle talks

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    Yeah, that's the ticket. Alienate all the people who would potentially switch to the LP by insulting them.

    Tell you LPers what - why don't you try getting elected to some local positions, get a majority on even a local city council - something - anything! - before you try to run for president.

    Until then, enjoy your little exclusionary club without accomplishment.

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    Adolf Hitler:

    The efficiency of the truly national leader consist primarily in preventing the division of the attention of a people, and always in concentrating it on a single enemy.



    Libertarian Party


    Smaller government, Lower taxes, More Freedom



    Source(s): ____________________________________________ Adolf Hitler quote: Book of Great Thoughts and Funny Sayings by Bob Philips _____________________________________________
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    Party - yes.

    Candidate - no.

    I actually have been doing some research on this myself. Any input?;_ylt=AsM2Y...

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    i've been a libretarian party member since 2005. i totally agree w/ya.

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