Electronics/capacitors question?

Electronics/capacitors question?

I have some blown capacitors on a mainboard but don't have the correct value replacements but pretty close.

Blown ones are 10v 1000microF

I have 6.3v 100microF and 10v 1500microF.

If anyone knows the tollerance or which I have is best to use....or not?



I meant 6.3v 1000microF

Update 2:

Just found some 1000microF 16V

Think these mught be the ones but is that Voltage too High???

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    Voltage must be equal or higher, unless you can check the applied voltage is less than 6.3 v use the 10v caps.

  • MarkG
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    1 decade ago

    The voltage rating of a cap is its limit for working voltage. Meaning that a 6.3V cap can only be used where you expect voltages no higher than 6.3 V.

    You can replace a cap with another which has a high voltage rating.

    Since the original is 10v you should not use the 6.3v unles you can verify that the circuit is operating at or below 6.3V... The 1500uf could be used with the following considerations.

    For filter caps you have a large tolerance of value and can usually install higher values without an issue. However is the cap is used for decoupling a typical value of 0.001uf is used +/- .001uf.

    No knowing a cap function and blindly changing a cap value, I would limit the change to no more than 30%.

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    You can replace a faulty capacitor with one which has an equal or higher working voltage and an equal or higher capacitance, so your 10V 1500 microfarad capacitors are suitable.

    But the question should be why did the capacitors blow in the first place ? Were they under-specified ? If so your replacements may not be adequate either.

    Source(s): MEng and 30 year experience as an Electrical & Electronic Design Engineer
  • johal
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    3 years ago

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    use the 1000 micro farad 16 volt cap

    it will work just fine

    such high values may be only for filtering purpose in that case you can increase the capacitor value but increasing the cap value will stress the diodes

    so instead of pondering on what the cap is used for replace it with the 100 micro 16 volt cap

    see if its the same type cap

    you can check this by the physical appearence

    your 16 v cap will be slightly bigger than the original cap

  • Mikey
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    1 decade ago

    Really depends on what they are used for in the circuit as to how tight the tolerances need to be.

    W/O knowing your best bet is the 10v 1500

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