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Did Mohammed ever consume any alcohol?

I know he said "if it intoxicates in a large amount, it is forbidden even in a small amount." but did he ever consume at any point in his life?

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    I will be honest with you

    I don't actually know, because before Islam came, he could have tried anything without knowing it. Because he was somewhat an Atheist and many of the Arabs at that time had no faith or were idol worshippers or worshipped false gods.

    But i don't see what could be important about it anyway

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    Since yeast cells are practically everywhere feeding on sugars and converting them to alcohol, the answer is almost certainly yes, if he ever ate any kind of fruit or vegetable. It's almost impossible to eliminate ethanol entirely from the diet. I doubt he ever did it deliberately though.

    I am teetotal and most unimpressed by the consumption of ethanol, but clearly i do accidentally consume minute quantities, as does everyone else.

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    that's an occasion of a synthetic regulation that proves Islam did no longer come from God. that is okay to make up your guy or woman regulations, and as long as anybody is of an identical opinion to the regulations, it would not lots count what the regulations are, yet you will no longer be able to make up regulations and declare they arrive from God; that's a sin. Dt 18:20 yet he who speaks a be conscious in G-d's call which G-d did no longer say is a faux prophet. Dt. 18:22 do no longer worry the fake prophet. Dt. 13:6 placed him to dying. Dt. 13:9 do no longer pity him; easily kill him.

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    According to my Knowledge, He did not.

    It is said, that when he was young, there came a day when his towns people were celebrating as many pagan societies of Rome and Greece celebrated and had Festivals, and he desired to take part. but when he would say i will sleep and i will wake, in order to go to the Festival, God would put him in deep sleep by which he would miss the Festival.

    I'm sure the Festivals and Celebrations included Alcoholism and many other things. the Prophet disliked many of these things during his youth and older age because he would see the downside of it all.

    the Formula in Islam, for what to avoid, is very simple, IF its harm outweighs its benefits, then leave it alone altogether.

    Peace be to you.

    Source(s): I'm a Muslim :-)
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    No, I want to believe that all the founders of the various religions led pure lifestyles. Infact, they were all pure souls -the qualification needed to establish a religion. They would rather be spiritually intoxicated than to fall for the vices.

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    Yes he did. This is why booze is forbidden in Islam, he went on a bender one day and woke up with the mutha of all hangovers and banned the stuff for all believers.

    Source(s): Karen Armstrong "Islam"
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    The term alcohol should be defined first for clarity of perception.

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    No, but he was a child molester. He took a child bride.

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    no he did not

    and nither me and lots others

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