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Question about the LG Env cell phone?

I have had my phone for a few months, and since I'm so anal, I never took that plastic foreskin thingy off the front of the phone to keep it from getting dirty and scratched.

It's starting to peel off and I want to find another one, but I don't know what to call it to search for it. I don't want a hard plastic case, or a skin, I just want that filmy plastic stuff that you get when your phone is brand new.


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    you cant get the thin film like what comes on your phone but you can get somethong similar. Its called a screen protecter and its skightly thicker than the film but it gives exrremely good protection. You can get them from anywhere like kmart or dick smiths. Good luck

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    in case you purely "got here across" it, like on the line, it somewhat is in all probability on Verizon's lost and Stolen checklist.meaning the telephone's inner identity selection is expounded to this checklist, and can't be used except the reg. proprietor eliminates it. in case you attempt to apply it it extremely is going to direction your call to shopper help and that they might have your guidance like your region. So turn in it. in case you got here across it on ebay or someplace else and choose directly to legitimate. purchase one, i'm a Verizon worker and very own this telephone. They got here out this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days '09 and are between the terrific all around telephones. the value relies upon on if there's a sale, in case you're signing a one or 2 3 hundred and sixty 5 days settlement, or in case you're only promoting it on the line. It heavily isn't nicely worth lots if its lost of stolen because of the fact the hot proprietor heavily isn't waiting to activate it.

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    Throw it in a river, file an insurance claim and never use the new phone. Just open the box from time to time so you can admire it's pristine beauty.

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    You are so busted, asking a legitimate question.

    Okay, germaphobe. Go to Office Depot, Staples, or your local office supply store and ask for PDA overlay/protective film. Belkin makes what you are looking for.

    They make a bunch of films for PDAs, phones, and other electronics.

    Sometimes you can buy something close and cut it to size.

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    Try a shop that does laminations.

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    put it in a baggie, preferably a zip lock ; )

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    i once used cling wrap when i ran out of condoms that any help ?.......seamanab x

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