What is the difference between greaseproof paper and baking parchment?

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    Food sticks to grease-proof - it's sole purpose in life is to wrap food like cheese or anything else which is greasy (the clue is in the name) whereas Baking Parchment does what it says on the tin - it is used in baking and food does NOT stick to it (unless you're hopelessly rubbish with recipes!).

    They are definitely NOT THE SAME THING.

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    parchment paper or grease proof paper just saves you about 5 minutes cleanup time after baking! It is to prevent any stains or grease getting on your cookie sheets. It is not at all necessary unless you are making cinn buns, elephant ears or something else with a very very high sugar level that will leak out on the baking sheets and cause you 30 minutes of scrubbing in hot to boiling water to clean off the sheets. You can use any kind of paper on the baking sheets if you wish to use the paper! copy paper works very well and will not burn until the cookies are on fire! For that matter you could use aluminum foil to cover the baking sheets if you wish. Little boys have not been known to get any diseases or die from eating their test papers and throwing those "spit wads" at the picture of G. Washington over the teacher's head!!

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    Parchment paper is slightly thicker with a non stick coating on it. Greese proof paper is thiner with no coating. They are usually interchangeable but parchment is better for non stick baking, cookies etc

    Source(s): www.inyourkitchen.com
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    baking parchment is slightly thicker

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    Same thing.

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