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How many strides does someone who runs a marathon in 4 hours take?

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    If you take around 50cm a stride, thats 84,000 strides!

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    If you average the years of the runner (typically shorter stride) the difference in stride during the race (longer in the beginning, shorter at the end), you can justify roughly 1.02 meters per stride. The marathon is 42.195 kilometers or 42195 meters. Therefor a reasonable average would be 41365.65 strides.

    Some claim to have a stride of 4.2ft (in good shape, run frequently, stretch the stride) That is 1.28 meters per stride. The marathon strides for such a person is then 32964.84 strides, considerably different.

    An easy number to remember for a good marathoner would then be 33000 strides in a marathon.

    And for grins a story related... at Rebook we worked on a marathon shoe that was based on the pump design back in the early 90s. The shoe, instead of pumping up, could be charged with helium to reduce weight. The overall goal of the shoe was to reduce the weight by 1 oz as compared to the market leading marathon shoe. 1 oz is not much you say? If you consider that the marathoner lifts the 1 oz 40000 times, that comes out to about a metric ton of weight they don't have to lift in the race. ;-)

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    That depends on their stride length. It is 26 miles 285 yards, so the time doesn't matter it is how many strides they take to cover the distance.

    Any answer is just a guess unless you know the length of the stride so you know how many strides it takes to run a marathon.

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