Y can girls play High School Football, but guys cant play Volleyball??

I was just curious, because we have a girl on the football team (no problems) but when we brought up guys playing volleyball, we cant. Y? isnt that kinda sexist? i meen i love football, but our Varsity team hasnt won a game in like 5 years, and it gets really old. our coaches are the dumbest on the planet. get this, out starting nose tackle is 5'11 180 and hes ripped. our Middle line backer is 6'2 290 lbs!!!!!!! they should switch positions! but thats our coaches. we have 1 black player (hes the best player out there lol) and hes 5'7 200 lbs of solid muscle. He plays Corner and WR!!!! he should be RB and OLB. so were all so sick of our STUPID coaches, and want to do somthing different. so i was just wondering y cant guys play Volleyball if girls can play football!?!?!?


were division 4, high school has 350 some total (including JR high so 7-12 grade) football team has 24 players on. so were basically the worst team in the lowest division. and no other schools have a boys vball team in our conference

Update 2:

im talking w/ girls. if girls can play football w guys y cant we play volley ball w/ them? cuz we wudnt have enough people for our own boys team, and if we did, no other schools have a boys vball team lol

Update 3:

ok so great we get a guys only vball team. who wud we play???? no other schools around us have one either

Update 4:

yea she plays! shes pretty good 2. shes starting CB on JV. if her boobs wernt so darn big

(no offense to anybody lol) shed prolly play some varsity

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    I'm in high school. I have no idea why they will not let guys play volleyball. It's sexiest! During gym period, all the guys play volleyball instead of football. I think they should have a guys volleyball team. Its not fair, and it is discriminating. I mean a lot of the guys are really really good at volleyball, and they will not let them play. Its so stupid! I totally agree with you!

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    I think that's sexist.

    My school has neither, but and many other girls REALLY want to play football. We are thinking of petitioning for it.

    Really seriously, they have a guys volleyball team in the OLYMPICS for crying out loud. Guys are pretty good to. My team and I played them for fun (we won) but they have some potential.

  • 5 years ago

    it is illegal for a school to deny a guy a spot on the volleyball team. Title IX says if a similar sport is not offered, then they have to allow him to play. I am a girl going out for football next year, and we have a guy on our dance team

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    probably because guys are assumed (correctly) to be stronger competitors in many or most sports.

    so it would not be fair to force women to have to compete with men. in most sports, a co-ed team would quickly become a male only sport, not by rule but due to the fact that the guys would out-compete the girls.

    if women want to be able to play sports, men need to be kept out of the competition. (again, this does not apply to every sport, but most that i can think of.)

    if there is enough interest, there should be a men's volleyball team. for the girl to get onto the football team, either she or some other girl before her had to fight for that right. if you are interested in volleyball, why don't you drum up interest among other boys and campaign your school to let you start a team?

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    1 decade ago

    does she actually play??

    cause my school has a girl on te football team too but she isnt allowed to play in an actual game and for obvious reasons. Just like any sport, guys are physically stronger, and it would totally be unfair if a guy played on a girls team or vice verse. They would kill you

    it just doesn't work

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    are you serious?!

    cos in australia guys do play volleyball, many do in my school aswell

  • 1 decade ago

    I think because guys have a higher vertical in girls so the guy s would dominate!!

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    1 decade ago

    i didn'd know girls could play football i am gonna try out 4 da team thanks!

    nd my skool has a boys volleyball team

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    1 decade ago

    hmmm umm maybe cuz we have to wear spandex xD no i dont no but thayt is a good point

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