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why some christians are praying to Mary,St Peter etc instead of Praying to God?

It says in the bible "i'm the way the truth and the life "

It also says do not worship idols.Then why pictures and idols of mary and other saints are there in most of the churches

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    Who says it's "instead of"?

    For the trillionth time:

    1) We ask the saints to pray FOR us ... to God ... and believe it or not we also pray to Him, as well.

    Has anyone ever critiqued your habits of prayer? Then why is it okay to question ours, seeing that it's a personal matter?

    2) The pictures and statues and such are not "idols" because we don't worship them. Believe it or not, we are well aware of the commandment against idolatry.

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    If you have a picture in your home, does that mean you are worshipping them? It is not fair to say that people worship the pictures , the actual pictures. These pictures and statues are merely to view to bring to mind a picture. If you love your children and have pictures of them, you are not worshipping them by exhibiting their pictures. It makes you happy to view them when they are not visable. It is the same for the people in the church. They love the Saints, Apostles, Mary, Joseph, etc. Is it any wonder they want to view them in picture form? Does everyone who has a picture of a tree in their homes need to be accused of worshipping their trees? These pictures are helpful in teaching as well. Sometimes pictures are put in places where people go to pray to the saint, they are not praying to the pictures, or in some cases statues, but to the memory of the Saint. Sometimes parents allow their children to ask about the pictures or statues, that is the way children and others may have their curiousity about the Saints, etc, increased and thence they ask and learn through the view of the pictures or statues. Also, some pictures, and statues are used to show that an area is a specific place to go. Such as , those who want to pray up at the alter will go to an area where Mary is, they cannot pray to the priest, they would then be accused of worshipping the priest, or be interupting the preist. So they go where they can pray up at the alter but not directly in front of the area where the preist are leading the mass.

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    Well, I'll give you this much: at least you know that Catholics are Christians. But that's apparently all you know about our beliefs.

    Have you ever asked a friend or a relative to pray for you? Then you've done exactly what we Catholics are doing when we ask the Virgin Mary, St. Peter, or any other saint to pray FOR us. They are just as alive in Heaven as your friends and relatives are on earth, and they can intercede for our needs.

    And if you seriously think that we "worship" a statue or a picture, you are mistaken. We worship God and Him Alone -- never one of His creatures or some created object. He Alone is worthy of our worship.

    If you have any more legitimate questions about Catholicism, you could try losing the know-it-all attitude and just simply ask what our beliefs are about a particular subject. As it is, you come across as arrogant and rude to your Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ.

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    Yes, the Bible says not to worship graven images. But I would ask that you read the rest of the Bible. For example, Ex 25:18-19 God instructs in the creation of the Arc saying make 2 cherubim of beaten gold. Num 28:8-9 God instructs Moses to make a bronze serpent and put it on a pole, all who gaze on it are healed. 1 Kings 6:23-29 the temple had engraved cherubim etc. at Gods command. 1 kings 7:25-45 temple had bronze oxen, lions, etc. These things are not intended to take anything away from God, But to draw attention to God and the fact that all things are possible through Him. Such as the young virgin girl who carried our Lord in her womb and bringing glory to God.

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    OK, here we go again...Catholics PRAY to Mary and the saints to ask them to pray for us. We aren't WORSHIPING them. Have you every asked someone to pray for you? It's the SAME THING. We believe that the Church both on earth and in heaven is one. Therefore, we ask those on earth as well as in heaven to pray for us.

    Statues and paintings of Mary and the saints are NOT idols. Idol suggest that we are worshiping those things, which we do not. Statues and paintings of Mary and the saints remind us of those who we should try to be like because they lived their lives for God. They are examples or mentors for us. I'm sure you have someone in your life who you'd like to be like. It is the same thing. I'm sure you have photos of your friends and family around the house to remind you of your love for them. It is the same thing.

    I don't understand why this is so hard for so many to understand unless you are unwilling to understand and believe the truth. On the other hand, at least you consider us Christians.

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    They ARE NOT IDOLS, handsome. It looks like you were not paying attention in catechism

    And what is wrong with having representations of the Blessed Virgin ?

    She was the Mother of God, in case you didn't know

    I really like VERY MUCH the explanation regarding us asking the saints to pray for us to the Lord. Very appropriate

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    The prayers are asking saints in heaven to intercede for them. Don't believe all the anti-Catholic propaganda you hear.

    As for idols, you might as well ask why Protestant churches have a cross in the front and pray to it.

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    Something is only an idol when you worship it. No one worships statues and pictures. They're decorations and reminders.

    As for your first question, it's called intercessory prayer and the idea is that it goes to God ultimately anyway, so why worry about it?

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    You are wrong, and the only way to prove it is to become Catholic yourself. You will never understand when you just see Catholics from outside the window and judge from what you see from there. Or at least go inside and talk to Catholics themselves instead of making whole conclusions from the parts you see. Or are you the type of "Christian" who insists you get strange feelings, hair standing on end and feeling hot all over-and all that stuff - just at the mere sight of a Ctholic church?

    Any psychologist will tell you that is not divine manifestation, just an expression of a small warped brain.

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    So I am assuming you never take pictures nor do you allow pictures of your family in your possession or home. I assume you do not have a drivers license. However, if you do subscribe to these practices, then your question is inconsistent with the implications of your question. You also never ask someone to do a favor for you? That is all that is happening in religion.

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