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What is a beta version of a game?

i looked on wikipedia cod5 and at the bottom it said that the 360 and pc versoin will have a beta version or summing and not on the ps3 HELP


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    Beta version is the test version of the game. It means it's still in the design, testing and changing stage and the final version is yet to be released

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    A beta version of a game is a prototype version that players outside the developer studio play. All in order to find bugs in the game that can be fixed and revised for the final retail version to run seamless and work at its fullest capability. Instead of running into problems that require a patch for everyone to download and go to certification processes. From what Activision said in an article"

    "We are running the beta only on the Xbox 360 and PC," said the representative. He continued then to point out that most betas on the PS3 are run by first party anyways, and if Treyarch runs their testing on the Xbox 360 and PC they acquire more data on servers and connectivity.

    So unfortunately, we can't play an early version of Call of Duty: World at War online until the game arrives in stores on November 11, 2008. I'm currently participating in the LittleBigPlanet Beta right now.

    Source(s): Playstation Universe LittleBigPlanet Beta Tester
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    It is essentially a test version of the game and is not yet finalized. Sometimes beta tests are open to players who are under signed NDA contracts, other times beta testing just means that the developers are approaching the final version of the game.

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    It is a test version

    ALPHA testing is done inside the software house

    BETA testing - the prototype software is given to selected customers to test. There may be a number of beta test versions, before the software is ready for release to the general public.

    Source(s): I was a software engineer
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    a version which is in progress to find bugs and glitches and to make the final product good.

    if you want to be in a beta, you need to get a beta key.

    i am in the socom beta

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    [ it's a test version of the game, beta is the name given to anything under test..<^><..

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    Alpha is latin for "doesn't work"

    Beta is latin for "still doesn't work"

    (Old Dilbert joke)

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