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Someone please put me out of my misery...?

im suffering,

Dizziness, loss of balance, lightheadedness, difference in pupil size, headaches and palpitations, any ideas??! So worried....

Im 17 weeks pregnant but these symptoms were here before hand just less aggrivated. I have googled, it mentions brain tumours so you can guess my worry....

21 yrs of age

EX smoker

no alcohol at present

office job

not greatly active

not over weight about 8 st 14 p and about 5ft 2


p.s have been doctors multipul times, every test apart from a CT Scan. (not anameic etc)

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    I'll try to help you and we must go systematically. Your problem may be trivial like something with your eye muscles.. But no. Because you have other symptoms like dizziness and headedness that may indicate a damage in blood circulation. By the way, do you have a low blood pressure?

    Especially for lightheadedness is caused by a momentary drop in blood pressure and blood flow to your head. Please,remember this.

    Also, allergies, , stress ,anxiety, virus, can lead to these symptoms. Sometimes a bad rhythm of heart can provokes it, like you have mentioned palpitations.

    On the other hand, inner ear disorder, injury of head, decreased blood flow to the brain, noncancerous tumors of the brain, or cancer lead to loss of balance status.Here's three quick advice to help yourself for what I said above.

    1} Lie down for 2-3 minutes in these cases and slowly standing up.

    2 } Drink mineral water with 7,4 and more pH.

    3} Drink ginger tea , at least 3 cups on day.

    But now , I'm going to tell you what I really think about your situation.

    It is true that I thought about blood circulation problems you for sure have,but because you speak about difference in pupil size, I suddenly realized that you may have a neurological problem too. It is matter of direct inspection. So , I strongly recommend you get a MRI analysis.

    Unequal pupile, called also Anisocoria, sometimes may be "normal", or caused by external factors,but in companion with headache and palpitation, involves cranial nerves. Causes may be any lesion of the third cranial nerve that leads to dysfunction of oculomotor nerve.

    I give you an easy example, carotid dissection can be caused even by minor trauma such as turning the neck and this may leads to ischemia to eyes. Dysfunction of thyroid gland may leads to orbitopathy. I stop here, hoping that you'll follow my advice given from bottom of my heart.

    If you can manage to shut out the rest of world, please, don't hesitate to make a few sacrifices for yourself and your family, to leave the misery status

    wishing you the best of the best health

    Source(s): qualified nurse and holistic physiotherapist.
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    I was going to say anxiety, but the loss of balance and pupil size differences seem like something else. Get an appointment with your doctor and get checked out sooner rather than later. Tell them to do full blood work again, get a CT scan, and make sure they take you seriously.

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    As i was reading your symptoms, I wanst real worried until I saw that your pupils were different sizes. Now are we talking that they sometimes dialate and they both change sizes (cause thats not good) or are you saying that one changes size and the other stays the same (cause thats really bad). Pupils being in differeant size then the other is something we definatly dont like to see.

    You should look into seeing a neurological specialist to try and get to the bottom of this.

    Good luck

    Source(s): firefighter/paramedic
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    If you work in an office these symptoms could be caused by long periods using a VDU or even your lighting and ventilation sytems. Do you feel better when you've been away from the office for a few days?

    Source(s): 20 yrs working in mental health
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    It could be an inner ear problem causing you to lose your balance. Labyrinthitis or something it's called.

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    low blood levels

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    its anxiety! those are some of the symtoms.

    Source(s): anxiety suffer
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