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My girlfriend and i are planning our holiday for next summer and we are thinking the south of France.. We haven't looked at any holiday brochgures yet as we are still researching hence there are few things we would like to know...

Can i have some advice on where is the best places to stay / go etc.

We are after somewhere which has a good beach, good bars / restaurants / nighlife and some French culture and plenty to do.

We were also thinking going self catering.. Does anyone know any nice villas / apartments which are popular?

Many thanks.


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    hi!im mozambican bt i i arrived in Nice last month to study tourism couldnt have made a beta south of france is almost as expensive as in Paris...

    you can stay in Nice...which is between d famous city of CANNES -1h20-and MONACO-1h-...n 3hours from italy...1euro 1way d bus ticket for dese places...

    Nice has plenty of bars;the old town is fantastic,is a pedestrian area full of restaurants n has on open market...btfl! n deres also plenty of yatchs....ohlala! =P

    have no idea on how much u willing to spend in i know some websites where u can find ppl renting some bedrooms of their qppqrtments for short periods...or google some hotels.

    bt if u stay in anada city i can give u some clues n stuff...tourism is my area...=D

    u guys can contact m...


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    A few years ago i went to the south of france and it was Beautiful and if you happen to be near the spanish border you can take a trip to san Sebastian which has a great beach. Some towns that you must visit are Nerac and Condom. When i was there we rented a beutiful villa. If you go to you can find the perfect villa for you needs and price range. i really recommend going to that website.

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    Doncha in basic terms hate it whilst ppl replica n paste some thing? France is OUT..e3 for a espresso, e60 for a poky room, you will fritter all your money b4 your hols even initiate! individually, i might euro tunnel to calais and head for the czech rep. the place?? regularly occurring Europe, do-able in an afternoon, mountains, warm climate, unfastened no velocity shrink autobahns by using Germany, and it truly is lifeless low-priced! maximum lodges do no longer pay internet organization expenses so it truly is ultimate to ensue on spec. occasion ; Kalovary is a spa city with fascinating medieval shape, an incredible base to force around and take interior the "Alps" with communists expenses. option 2. teenagers. they do no longer take kindly to sitting in automobile all day, being advised they're having great time cos the ice cream they have in basic terms had in basic terms fee 60p, so in basic terms e book a lodge int first Spanish motel over the French border.. they'll get small screen television, pool, wifi and meet different british teenagers. third option.You by no potential understand, we would get that heatwave we've been due because of the fact God is easily-known with whilst. Then it truly is static cellular domicile in Champagne area. The campsites are properly geared up and not cheesy like uk ones.

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    Unfortunately I don´t know the info you require on the south of france, but, if you want to look at the website http// you will find many villas and apartments to rent. Good luck.

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    a lot of the beaches in the south of france are gravel, rather than sand, so it isnt really a beach holiday type place.

    Nice is great, and within a few miles of Monaco and Cannes (which i wasnt as big a fan of). St Tropez is very nice indeed,

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    Antibes is worth checking out. It is close to Nice, there is a lovely old town. It is mostly based around the harbour and in the summer it has a great atmosphere as the big yachts come in.

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    When we talk about Southern France, we generally think about the Code d'Azur (french riviera), all along the coast east of Marseille upto the italian border....

    ... but there is also an as well interesting and less touristic region WEST of Marseille downto the spanish border.

    It starts from the suburbs of Marseille as Cote Bleue (Blue Coast) from L'Estaque to Fos-sur-Mer, an area full of "calanques" (rocky inlets). I highly recommand you do that part of your trip by train because roads are mostly inlands terminating in dead ends in coast villages while the train follow the cliff... you can also do it by both the train and the car.

    More in the west, about a few hours east of Marseille, you'll find the region named "Camargue", which includes:

    Avignon, the well known fortified city with its Palais des Papes (Popes Palace) and its well known Avignon Bridge

    Nimes, a very old city with a lot of interesting old buildings including an old roman arena

    Le Pont du Gard, a famous road and water acqueduct bridge between Avignon and Nimes.

    Arles, south of Avignon, or southeast of Nimes, is another fortified city particularly known for its 2000 year old well preserved roman arena. You can even sit there and assist to a kind of corrida while realizing that there was someone sitting on your seat 2000 years ago looking at "another kind of show" !!!!

    South of Nimes you can find Aigues-Mortes, a tourist oriented billard table type rectangular fortified city. Also in the same area you can also go to Le-Grau-du-Roi, a very nice beach on the mediterranean sea.

    Montpellier, west of Nimes, a very nice and clean university city which includes a modern street car system.

    Agde, southwest of Montpellier, is particularly known for its Cap d'Agde district which is the largest nudist resort in the world...

    You can then continue southwest as far as you want to the Spanish border or west to Bordeaux. The fortified city of Carcassonne is very popular however I never went there.

    Also not that as this area is less touristic than the French Riviera, it's easier to find cheaper lodging. As an example I suggest you Auberge du Mérou in Niolon, on the Blue Coast just west of Marseille. It's a good restaurant and it also has about 6 rooms under it, all this into a rocky inlet.

    You can also rent a part of a villa in La Redonne, still on the Blue Coast. Note that I didn't tried it.

    I also remember I had a nice room in a Confort Inn in downtown Arles for 50 euros in 2004.

    If you prefer to go to the Cote d'Azur instead, I recommand you visit Bandol, it's just about 50km east of Marseille.

    Another idea: you can take a boat from St-Raphael to go to St-Tropez instead of driving there, which is particularly very interesting if you travel by train because. But I prefer to warn you that the well known St-Tropez beaches are far from downtown St-Trop, so if you plan to go to those beaches, it's recommended you have a car.

    I also recommand you visit Villefrance-sur-Mer, just east of Nice, as well as Monaco. For lodging in this area, I recommand you Hotel Marcellin in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, midway between Nice and Monaco. It's a nice and clean 2 or 3-stars hotel with rooms for about 65 euros per night, I stayed there for nearly a week in 2006. It's at 300 meters from the railway station where frequent trains allows you to visit everywhere between Cannes/Grasse and the Italian Border. Villefranche-sur-Mer is only at 1.5 km walk. As I was travelling by train, you'd better check with the motel for parking availability??

    Source(s): I spent more than a full week in Camargue and Cote Bleue in 2004, and I also visited the French Riviera in 2004 and 2006.
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