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You're NFL Power Rankings after Week 3?

I know the Chargers and Jets haven't played yet, so you don't have to include them if you don't want, or you can if you want.

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    1. Cowboys

    2. Eagles

    3. Broncos

    4. Titans

    5. Bills

    6. Panthers

    7. Steelers

    8. Giants

    9. Cardinals

    10. Jets (will beat Chargers on MNF)

    11. Vikings

    12. Bears

    13. Saints

    14. Buccaneers

    15. Patriots

    16. Falcons

    17. Packers

    18. Jaguars

    19. Colts

    20. Chargers (will lose to Jets on MNF)

    21. Ravens

    22. 49ers

    23. Seahawks

    24. Browns

    25. Texans

    26. Dolphins

    27. Raiders

    28. Bengals

    29. Lions

    30. Kansas City

    31. Rams

    32. Washington

    These is a seriously early ranking after only week 3. I am throwing some of these teams in at this point. I've tried to put some thought into this. I refuse to follow conventional thinking just because it is what people say. I go with who I feel is better. I'm a little uncomfortable putting the Steelers and Giants at #7 and #8, but they are playing well right now. I think they both will fall lower down the list in a few weeks. But later is later. Right now is what we are talking about. I think the Vikings should rise. But I think they might be a little high on this ranking, along with the Bears who both lost close games they should have won. In any case, I'm sure many people will not like what I write. But who cares? This is my ranking. Enjoy tearing it apart.

    -----There are some things I might do differently after some thought. My thinking with this ranking is that every team ranked lower would lose to any team ranked higher. But take Washington. I had them as the worst team in the NFL to start the season, but they've actually won a couple games...barely. I would put them a little higher. Not much higher because they would lose many more games to other teams. I would put Washington above the Lions or Raiders at 27, no higher. Take the Packers as well. They won some games and are ranked higher on everyone else's board. But they got lucky their first two games. The Packers/Cowboys' game score should have been worse. The Packers would lose and will lose to a lot of teams this year. I almost ranked them lower, but gave them some credit. They have a good defense after all. That's why they won any games at all. The Vikings will still probably win the NFC North.

    I could go over every team here, but that would take a long time. It would be fun for me, but you all would have a lot to read. And in the end, it would all be futile. This ranking will mean nothing six weeks down the line. Teams will win and lose. And all of our smart talk will sound foolish in hindsight.

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    Colts do not belong at one - Saints are greater suitable. jointly as the colts protection has appeared reliable statistically they have not performed a single offense that ranks in the precise 0.5 of the league in factors scored in step with interest all season. they have performed Rams - lifeless final. Titans - twenty 6th(lead the league in turnovers) - Lions-22 Seattle - 21 - Arizona 17 - Jags- twentieth. Thats not very superb in any respect. Saints have crushed communities that are reliable. Vikes are not that reliable. Steelers are not even greatest their branch, nor are they probable to win it. What a collection did final 3 hundred and sixty 5 days potential not something this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days.

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    Titans are the 4th best team in the league? Wow, lol. Anyway, I like to split them up into the elite, the middle, and the bottom. Even though the Jets and Chargers haven't played, I think we can already be certain they're both in the middle. I think right now the elite boils down to the Broncos, Steelers, Cowboys, and Eagles not in that order. I think the way it looks now the AFC Championship will be between the Broncos and Steelers and the NFC Championship will be between the Cowboys and Eagles. The Super Bowl might be the Steelers and Cowboys but several teams still have plenty of time to turn things around. There's still a lot of potential. The worst teams in the league right now are the Browns, Rams, Chiefs, Lions, and Texans. Those five just look pretty hopeless right now. The Rams might be the worst. Everyone else goes into the middle.

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    2. Eagles

    3. Giants

    4. Pittsburgh

    5. Buffalo

    6. Denver

    then the rest

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    top four should go the nfc east

    1. Cowboys

    2. Giants

    3. Eagles

    4. Redskins

    5. Broncos

    28. Rams

    29. Bengals

    30. Lions

    31. Browns

    32. Chiefs

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    1 Cowboys

    2 Eagles

    3 Giants

    4 Packers

    5 Patriots

    6 Titans

    7 Steelers

    8 Broncos

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    Dallas Cowboys




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    1. Cowboys (3-0) Hate to admit but they are most talented

    2. Eagles ( 2-1) When Dallas lose expect Eagles to be number 1.

    3. Giants (3-0) almost loss to Bengals made them number3

    4. Titans (3-0) Collins starting = good news = 31 point win

    5. Broncos ( 3-0) Fluke,Luck, Bad calls?! there still 3-0

    6. Steelers (2-1) Still one of the better teams

    7. Bills ( 3-0) Almost loss to Raiders should be in top 5

    8. Redskin ( 2-1) Just watch out.

    9. Packers (2-1) Look what happened tonight.

    10. Ravens(2-0) Great Defense wins game!

    11. Patriots ( 2-1) Offense isn't clicking with Cassel.

    Thats my top 10.

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    1 dallas

    2 giants

    3 philly

    4 broncos

    5 buffalo

    6 packers

    7 titans

    8 pitt

    9 redkins

    10 tie 49'ers & panthers, colts, AZ

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    1 Broncos

    2 Ravens

    3 Cowboys

    4 Titans

    5 Bills

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