i like my friends boyfriend! help?

i really like this guy but the problem is that he is my friends boyfriend

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the real question is... what do you want to do about it???

    do you want to be with him? does he know how you feel? does he feel the same way? is it worth hurting your friends feelings over a guy, or even loosing your friendship over these feelings? There are billions of fish in the sea honey, and unless your truly 100% sure that this guy is the one and only...then i really suggest you bury those feelings, and try to keep this guy in your life as a friend only. Otherwise you'll only end up hurting too many people. remember even if he's only in your life as a friend, he's still in your life and that's better than nothing at all true? :)

    good luck...

    Source(s): My best friend stole my 1st ever boyfriend! pLeaSe donT go theRe!!!
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