Whats is the best Free Virus protection software ?

Whats is the best Free Virus protection software ? and whats the best you can buy with your money?

We have Avast 4.7 but it viris still come up and it says it cant move them to the chest or even delete them.

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    What we should look for in an antivirus software is its detection rate, faster scans. less memory usage, price and the ease of use.

    Based on the factors that I mentioned, according to the Experts' Top Ten Antivirus Reviews, the antivirus softwares are listed as follows:

    1. BitDefender Antivirus http://www.bitdefender.com.au/

    2. Kaspersky Anti-Virus http://www.kaspersky.com/anti-virus_trial

    3. ESET Nod32 http://www.softpedia.com/get/Security/Security-Rel...

    4. AVG Anti-Virus http://free.avg.com/ww.download-avg-anti-virus-fre...

    5. F-Secure Anti-Virus http://www.f-secure.com/download-purchase/

    6. Trend Micro http://www.softpedia.com/get/Antivirus/Trend-Micro...

    7. McAfee VirusScan http://www.us.mcafee.com/root/downloads.asp

    8. Avast Antivirus http://www.avast.com/eng/download-avast-home.html

    9. NORTON Antivirus http://www.symantec.com/downloads/

    10. CA Antivirus http://shop.ca.com/virus/antivirus.aspx

    Among them, AVAST and AVG are two good free antivirus. Get them if you like, but I would recommend you one of the top three as they have no match with the others, even if you need to pay for them.

    Good Luck !!!

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    Source(s): Industry Top Antivirus Software : http://MoveAntiVirus.com/?KZge
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    Sorry but there is no free best anti virus. Be glad AVG wouldn't install on your machine. It sux. It's well known for letting Trojans walk right in. If you can't afford it right now you can still get the free 30 day trial of Kaspersky. I've been told that if you can delete all traces of it when the 30 days runs out then you can reload it again for another 30 days. But you have to get it all off of your machine before trying to reload it again. Kaspersky is the best on the market. You will not find any better. I've had close to a year. No infections of any kind.

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    Whats is the best Free Virus protection software ?

    I trust AVIRA

    We have Avast 4.7 but it viris still come up and it says it cant move them to the chest or even delete them.

    When you get tired of fooling around with Free Anti-Virus

    programs go and buy either Kaspersky Internet Security 2009

    or NOD 32.


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    PC Tools Threat Fire is PC Magazine Editor's choice anti-virus that is most effective.

    ThreatFire's patent-pending ActiveDefense

    technology offers protection against all types of internet threats

    - both known and unknown - spyware, adware, keyloggers, viruses, worms,

    Trojans, rootkits, buffer overflows, and other malware.


    PC Tools Firewall Plus is a powerful free personal firewall for Windows

    that protects your computer by preventing unauthorized users from gaining

    access to your computer through the Internet or a network.

    By monitoring applications that connect to the network

    Firewall Plus can stop Trojans, backdoors, keyloggers

    and other malware from damaging your computer and stealing your private information.


    Both use little system memory while giving you the same protection.

    Your system will be faster as a result.

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    AVG Free Edition is the well-known antivirus protection tool. AVG Free is available free of charge to home users for the life of the product. Rapid virus database updates are available for the lifetime of the product, thereby providing the high level of detection capability that millions of users around the world trust to protect their computers. AVG Free is easy to use and will not slow your system down (low system resource requirements. Highlights include automatic update functionality, the AVG Resident Shield, which provides real-time protection as files are opened and programs are run, free Virus Database Updates for the lifetime of the product, and AVG Virus Vault for safe handling of infected files.

    Download press here http://www.download.com/AVG-Anti-Virus-Free-Editio...

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    Avast is an excellent free antivirus. First I suggest you update to the newest version (4.8) and use the boot-time scan of 4.8 and quarantine anything it finds.

    After that scan with Superantispyware free, Malwarebytes Antimalware free, F-secure Blacklight and the Kaspersky AVP Tool.

    To keep your computer clean from malware, I suggest you stick with Avast. Occasionally scan with Superantispyware free and Malwarebytes Antimalware free, you can also scan with Spybot (and turn on the Immunization function).

    For browsing, you should use Firefox (with the Adblock Plus addon) or Opera instead of Internet Explorer or Safari - this reduces the chance of malware getting on your computer.

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    Download, install and run CCleaner to clean up old temp files.

    http://www.ccleaner.com [Free]

    Restart your PC in safe mode with networking


    Download, install and run a full scan with Malwarebytes


    Run a full scan with Micro Trend House Call


    After the scans, restart the PC and download SuperAntiSpyware and run a full scan

    http://www.superantispyware.com/superantispywarefr... [Free home edition]

    Then update your anti-virus, remember to only have one anti-virus installed on your PC

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    For the best detection rate but limited features, Anti-Vir PE wins.

    However for a very good detection rate and lots of features, then AVG Free is the way to go.

    Avast is horrible and hard to use, I suggest you get rid of it.

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    ill have to agree... avg

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