Should I lie on my cv?

I have severe depression I was really suicidly depressed from 2005-early 2008 my last job ended in apriI 2004. I am now searching really hard for a job & I need to explain my 3 year unemployment gap should I be honest and write on my cv that I have been depressed for 3 years or should I lie & extend the duration of my previous job?

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    Do not lie on your CV - ever!

    If you do, and an employer relies on that statement as part of the reason why they gave you the job, then you have committed a serious criminal offence - fraud.

    You'd be unlikely to be prosecuted, but the boss could sack you instantly at any time if he found out - even if it was 20 years down the line.

    In fact, going through CVs with a proverbial fine tooth comb is one of the first things many bosses do if they ever decide they want to get rid of someone at any stage.

    You do not, however, necessarily have to tell them why you were away from work. You could say this was a health problem that was now resolved, for example.

    If you still suffer from depression, however, you might well think that you did not want to work for the sort of company that avoided taking on people with a history of mental health problems. In that case it might be better to be honest.

    I wouldn't suggest you put this on your CV though. Just do your CV without mentioning that gap and either very briefly mention it in your letter of application or wait until you are at interview stage and explain in person - that's often more effective

  • JB
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    1 decade ago

    Personally I would just write on your CV that this period has been a sabbatical (i.e. career break). If you write that you were off due to depression on your CV then alarm bells will start ringing before you even get your foot in the door to see them!

    There is plenty of time to go into depth about any ailments etc when you are interviewed, but remember for every negative comment that you mention in the interview - fill it with a positive one to reassure them that you are the person for the job and are more than qualified to do it.

    I'm not going to lie, but it will be tough for you, but just hang on in there and keep trying and keep enthusiastic.

    GOOD LUCK. Hope the job search is ok.

  • 4 years ago

    I took over a year off whilst my mother was ill and subsequently passed away.

    I find few employers understand this and many see it as a problem.

    I've been honest on cv"s and not got anywhere then told a total lie about why I was off for the year and got the job

  • Anonymous
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    1. Absolutely do not extend the end date of your previous job. You could be the greatest employee in the world, but if someone verifies your job application, you'll be out the door due to a lie.

    2. If it does cause difficulties in hiring, consider the temporary route. Places that need to hire someone for a month are generally not as picky about messy resumes....

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    I wouldnt extend the duration of your previous job because it is so checkable via reference, it is the one that is most likely to checked. And if your caught lying you run the risk of a job offer being withdrawn or dismissal. I know I would.

    My advice would put "personal reasons" that are arent going to be effecting you going forward. This means you are not lying and most prospective employers would not pry any further would cover a host of things, child care, ill family member etc etc.

    Good luck and hope it goes well.

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  • Lady K
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    1 decade ago

    Never lie! Don't offer the information. If someone asks, say you took time off to pursue other options and now you are ready to get back into corporate America.

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    You really shouldn't lie on your CV co's its a criminal offence to do so. However, personally I'd rather employ someone who tells a couple of little lies on their CV, It shows they have initiative. But don't listen to me, I 'm not hiring.

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    i would. think about No 1. who cares what others think, they proberly got jobs. ive always been told to sell yourself. if you do lie remember you must be able to back it up. good luck.

    depression is horrid, so well done to you for trying to get on with your life.

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    Don`t tell truth ..Nobody will gives you job after knows truth that you were depressed .. you can show exp. of any small comany and tell them that company is closed now.. i know its illegal but you have no choice..



  • 1 decade ago

    no don't lie be honest you'll do so well

    good luck

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