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How many hours can I be online each month with a 10 GB limit. Many Thanks?

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    Well since you did not specify how much you use it or how. Here's a rough estimate on how you can use your 10GB.

    10GB/30 days gives you around 333mb a day. Which can easily give you browsing, emails, downloading around 100 music tracks, streaming about 500 videos and more. Remember this is in 1 DAY so it is really like saying Unlimited but remember some files might be big (like movies or music videos) and these can take alot of your limit.

    *Assuming music tracks are an average of 5mb and web videos are an average of 2.5mb.

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    Well, this just all depends on what you're doing online. The 10GB limit is the amount of data you transfer from the internet to your home PC, whether it's downloading things, viewing webpages, or watching streaming videos.

    A 10GB is plenty for basic internet browsing, but if you do a lot of downloading of sorts, especially in the movies field, or stream HD content, you're going to be hitting some snags rather quickly.

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    comcast says no to competing video services and imposes bandwidth caps

    Comcast has decided to impose a 250GB/month limit on their customers. I have a lot of friends that use Comcast for their internet service provider and are likely to hit this limit, even counting fully legit data. Linux isos aren’t small. And I know that I do a lot of backups and whoisi testing that uses a decent amount of bandwidth. I’m sure I’m well past this limit. [ Note: I am a very happy Verizon FIOS user. ]

    But the real story is about what this does to competitive video services. Want to get access to better, lower-cost video than Comcast cable service from somewhere like Amazon, Netflix or Hulu? Nope, welcome to the world of false scarcity. You will use their video service and you will like it.

    Om calls this “the enemy of innovation” and he’s right. Part of the explosion of video, services and data via the web has come because of the growth and availability of broadband into people’s homes. What this says is “growth is fine as long as it doesn’t compete with our video offerings.”

    I am reminded of the oldest story of this behaviour when AT&T didn’t want to support the Internet because they didn’t want competition to their proprietary long haul services. And rightfully so. It’s a good thing that AT&T didn’t win that battle, right?

    Also, they list how many pieces of email you can send with a 250GB limit. (Huh? Seriously?) I wonder how many youtube videos or hulu videos that amounts to. Anyone know the avg size of one of those? That might make for a more interesting number.

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    10 GB a month would be the equivalent of DL around 20 movies in good quality. So as long as you don't do that you should be fine

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  • If you do not download movies (each movie could be 1GB size and more!) most chances it will suffice for your use.

    You could give it a try and monitor the usage at the ISP and if

    you need more, consider increasing it.



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    Depends what you do - You could easily last the month with some left over if you're not a big downloader.

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    If you have a 512 Kbps broadband then you can use 10GB of data in 48 hours...

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    It really depends on what you do while online. If you do lots of downloading then it won't last long but just surfing will last a lot longer.

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