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Password Protecting a web page?

How do I password protect a web page and stop user automatically looking at another page without logging onto the main page first?


Hi Guys

Thanks for your answers, I have found some software called HTML Lock that does the job.

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    To set-up a user log-in, you need a server-side script and a database.

    (I assume you know how to do this).

    Then, for each restricted page, you have a simple check:

    if user_logged_in, show page, else, show warning.

    You could also disable your menu buttons until the user is logged-in (easier way).

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    More than likely, yes, you will need a database, as you are talking about 'dynamic' content (i.e. the user changing a password). This has to be stored somewhere, so a database or at least some kind of scripting (ASP, Perl, etc) will be needed.

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    It depend on the platform used by you... each of these have different features.

    I would recommend you ASP.Net.

    There other ways to do a dummy authentication using javascript on the client, but this is easy to break with some programming skils :)

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    You can code it in Javascript or PHP if you want

    If you need help, i can demonstrate for you

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    There is no easy way that can't be bypassed easily.

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