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will hockey ever be as popular as football/baseball?

i hope so cause whenever i try do talk about it at school people think i'm retarded cause nobody else likes hockey. they say they think it's boring but most of them have never seen a game cause it has the physicalness of football and finesse.also i know physicalness probably isnt a word.

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    ^^Never heard of fantasy hockey.

    No it wont be as popular as baseball or football because as you mention your classmates say its boring.When you think of hockey boring isn't a term I think of..Most people I'd ask would say baseball or golf is boring.ALOT of people can't skate so its easy for them to say hockey stinks.

    Physicalness is a great word but I think you mean physicality?

  • In America, this won't happen. As to American football's popularity, three things in its favor that hockey doesn't have on the same scale:

    1) Huge gambling potential

    2) Fantasy sports

    3) Massive stoppages in play which make for great "social" events

    Plus, you have the stigma of hockey being a "foreign" game. Pointing out that baseball and football are derivatives of cricket and soccer/rugby help not a jot.

    Stick to what you like.

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    In Canada I hear it's practically a national obsession - at any rate, there was plenty of hockey on TV when we visited, at all kinds of times.

    In the USA, probably not, for all kinds of reasons. For one thing, not everyone can skate or get access to learn, so you won't get so many little kids developing those early skills, as you do in ball sports. For another thing, I think the commercial sponsorship will never be there - although you get TV timeouts in hockey, I just don't think it takes long enough to play the game (cause they get on with it!) for major advertisers to be interested, so they won't push it so hard. I'm kind of saddened that soccer has the same problem - no timeouts at all, so there will never be any commercial interest, yet I think it's a better game than your football.

    Honestly I feel that hockey being more popular in the USA would be both a blessing and a curse. I would love to 'talk hockey' to more of my friends, most of whom think I've gone a little crazy. On the other hand, 'ice girls' and other circus nonsense would only be the start of it - and I'd rather watch hockey than that kind of rubbish. There would probably be some silly rule changes, too.

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    It is! Football is just more popular in america, but if more than half the countries in the world doesnt even know what american football is, and most of the other countries laugh at america for playing such a talentless sport. As far a america, i dont think so, sadly. Americans like high scoring, simple games. Hockey and Soccer are both difficult to understand because it takes a lot of work to get the goal, a lot of passing and technical stuff, in which football and baseball are pretty straight forward

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    In Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland and some other countries they play hockey a great deal.They dont play football or baseball that much becouse they think those sports are boring.

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    Depends on where. In Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland and some other countries they play hockey a great deal and not the other sports not so much. The football in those countries is actually soccer.

    In the US it won't happen unless there's an ice age soon. Now if the NHL owners could just gather that wee tidbit up into their brains and stop putting teams in the deep south the NHL would be much better off.

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    Hockey will probably not be as popular as football or baseball in the US but I think it will surpass both in other places, if it hasn't already.

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    Europeans will never like anything American. They think that everything about America sucks because they're jealous. I can't stand Europeans. EDIT: Noah D, no, we don't like soccer. Soccer is the least popular major sport in the country, and it's less popular in the US than just about any other country.

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    probably not, mostly becuae people wont give hockey a chance. The best way to get people to be hockey fans is to get them to come to games becuase hockey is best watched and expeirenced live. I have brought friends to games and they became fans after the game, I even got em to buy an ovechkin shirt.

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    In the United States, no. In a lot of other countries its more popular than one or both of the other sports you mentioned.

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