Free boob job!!!................Free implants!?

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Has anyone had any success of my free ? How much money do you think i will make in a week? DO you get lots of messages from guys?
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Please dont listen to the negative answers on this site, I made $8275 in 6 weeks about £4400. You need to have a lot of time to spend on the site and know your limits. I spent alot of time chatting to people in chat instead of trying to get messages cos people are more likely to donate if you chat too them. I am going with MYA, so how will they botch me up, they wont cos there professionals. You have to hit your goal, wait 30 days to download your paperwork, fill it in, get a notay signature, which is like a solicitor, so that bit costs a little bit, around £60 but its better than £4250. The site is ligit otherwise the notary public wouldnt sign the paperwork. Once you have sent it back, your account goes into review, this is just to make sure you havent broke any of the safety rules and to make sure all the donations are legit. After that you get a promise to pay document with a date on it that ur payment will be released to your doctor. Once the surgeon recieves cheque you can book ur surgery.


I have done it
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  • Champagne suspended a 5th time. answered 6 years ago
    Go get a brain. That would help your decision...
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  • holidays. answered 6 years ago
    thats bullshit its a scam site, and its know for its surgical disaster, dont go there!
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  • carrieazgirl answered 6 years ago
    it worked great for me
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  • MissMe answered 6 years ago
    Er, ok. I cant say I have heard of it. Only free implants you can get are on the NHS at the expense of the hard working taxpayer.
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  • bettyboopkerry b answered 6 years ago
    i think you should grow up!!
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  • Nova answered 6 years ago
    you must be very naive to really believe that you can get anything for free.

    better forget that site, and learn to love what you've been given.

    when you fall in love, you'll realize that a boyfriend loves you as a person, and not because of your t1ts.
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  • Mad as a Cat in a Bomber Jacket answered 6 years ago
    Whilst you're looking for your brain, try getting some self respect also.
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  • Kerry G answered 6 years ago
    Weirdo! that's as bad as prostituting lol
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