How long does it take to drive from Southampton to Grau du Roi, France, taking the euro tunnel?

A friend and I are planning a trip to Grau to Roi and want to find out how long it would take to drive, that being the cheaper option. Any one know? Alternatively, if you have driven to the Carcassone that would give me some idea also.

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    Comparison of travel costs

    Southampton – Folkestone – Dover – Le Grau-du-Roi versus Southampton – Portsmouth – Le Havre – Le Grau-du-Roi

    Total travel distance: 832.4 miles versus 717.5 miles

    Distance on wheels: 796.0 miles versus 609.1 miles

    Total travel time: 12:12 hrs versus 18:04 hrs (at an average speed of 70mph on motorways)

    Fuel costs for the round trip : £ 228.75 versus £175.02 (at 35mpg)

    Costs for train versus ferry (r/t): £180.00 versus £ 270.00

    Costs for motorway-fee: £ 119.05 versus £ 65.34

    Total travel costs: £ 527.80 versus £ 510.36

    For calculating the fuel costs I have used premium unleaded petrol since it has about the same price as in the United Kingdom. Diesel fuel would be 10% cheaper in France than in the U.K.

    I would prefer using option two, spend the night in a 4-berth cabin on a ferry, and being fresh to travel the still requiring almost nine hours (without break). The other version through the chunnel requires to include breaks at least 14 hours on the road.

    And now let’s continue with option three:

    Return-Ticket Southampton – Gatwick airport for 2 passengers: £ 142.40

    Flight from Gatwick to Montpellier and return on Easyjet: £ 149.76

    Car rental at Montpellier airport for 12 days: £ 205.07

    Total travel cost: £ 497.23

    I did not count patrol for the rented car, since additional trips with your vehicle have not been calculated either. If you will not need a car at your destination, it would be even cheaper.

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    The Euro tunnel fire may delay the journey.

    However, I can help with times on this side of the water. Nimes (close to Grau de Roi) to Calais is 8 to 8.5 hrs via Lyon & Dijon providing there is low traffic. This route avoids Paris, but busy traffic in Lyon means adding many km around the ring road.

    Even for two, the cheapest way is probably Avignon - Southampton with Flybe, then rent a car.


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    Check on, starting from Calais to Le Grau du Roi or to Carcassone.

    By the way, travelling with Eurolines ( might be a cheaper option.

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