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Is there a chance that my 17 year old son is Gay?

My 17 year old has never had a girlfriend, I know he has never kissed a girl, and never seems to be interested in talking to any girls he sees or meets, ever. He spends alot of his time working out, about 2 hours a day and has a great phsique, and even my boyfriend told me he knew that my son would be able to get any girl he wanted, he would be able to hand pick if he wanted to.

But no, I don't know ANY of girls that my son is friends with. Is there a chance that he MIGHT be gay? He doesn't focus everything on his school work either, he passes usually with a c- or a c.

I would love him either way, but if you were me, would you have any suspection that your 17 year old son was gay?

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    what kind of mother are you?


    i wish this kid knew what you had just posted.

    your a complete failure to your kid.

    you turn to millions of online users to ask a personal question about your own son.

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    What you should really be worrying about is whether he is happy or not, rather than snooping into his sexuality, that is for him to discover, figure out, not you; you cannot do that for him, can you?

    So relax, and allow him to grow up into a happy young man, gay or straight is actually immaterial in the long run, to him, and to you I am sure!

    Parental disapproval is the very reason so many gay teens snap, and go to extreme behaviours, like drugs and alcohol etc. If he is gay by chance, then he would having a tough time, by itself, so your support, unconditional at that, would be a blessing not only for him, but also for you as well, as in his well being ultimately lies yours!

    Only thing I would suggest is to come closer to him, by a being non-judgemental presence in his life, and not burdening him with your dreams for him. So that if and when he needs you, you are accessible, and channel of communication are open, and that is best thing parents can do and ask for, from a child this age.

    The more you try to hold on to them the further you will push them away! So relax give him space, and love you can, without holding on so tight!

  • Why would you care what he was???? You obviously do care to come on here and ask complete strangers who dont even know your son to ask if he is gay, he is 17 for heavens sake thats really young, perhaps he doesnt want a girlfriend, good on him he sounds like he is doing fine without one...............maybe instead of sitting on the computer you could talk to him???? But i was you I wouldnt care and if he turned out to be gay then I would want him to tell me and I would just say "no worried son". Just because you havent seen him with any girls means absolutely nothing.

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    Believe it or not, there are many many young men that are just too shy to have a relationship yet. He may just surprise you one day and meet someone in college once he is out of the house. My nephew and friend's son both kind of came out of their shell at around 19 yrs old. Both are now involved with great young ladies and are deffinately not gay! Your son may be one of those late bloomers. Time will tell....

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    im a high school senior so the thing about college applications i get like a lot of seniors get really excited about going to college till senior year cause its so much to do and not a lot of time it took me so long to start filling out college applications and even though i have now and been accepted to some places i still dont know where im going . So he probably is nervous bout the whole college experience and the whole being ill thing all the time tell me one senior thats not it to me beacuse its our last year of school and we think where grown and can do what we wanna do and dont have to listen and nobody can tell us nothing acause we know everything. So honestly thats just being the parent of a high school senior so just try talking to him and let him know your his mom and u love him and willl be there for him no matter what. He probably just needs to hear that with all the stress he is going through. Let me know how it goes.

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    Why don't you ask him???? Well don't come straight out with the "are you gay?" but ask him about girls etc first. The last thing you want to do is offend him. Does he know that you would love him either way??

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    Maybe he's just shy or not into the dating thing yet. I think its actually good he's not all 'girl crazy'. Too many young people get caught up over boys and girls at young ages.

    If he's happy and healthy why worry? If he is(gay), he is and if not then he has his own reason for not dating girls yet.

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    Sounds like me, but I'm not gay

    Maybe his friends have had girlfriends and he's seen what some bad things from it, and he's just not ready for the drama and stuff

    or he's just the guy who is looking for the one

    you should ask your son, or talk to him.

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    Perhaps he might be, but let him come to you if he is. Don't ask him, because he may not be ready to tell people yet.

    A piece of advice: If he is, and he tells you, DO NOT ever say judgmental things, or rude things (such as queer, ******, ect, especially not to him), because such things will never leave his memory. One thing could destroy your relationship completely.

    When I came out to my mom, she was so judgmental and now our relationship is beyond repair; do not let the same thing happen with y'all.

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    It's a possibiltiy, just like anyone can be gay.

    If i were you, i would wait for him to approach you about it, and do NOT approach him on the issue.

    It's up to him when he wants you to know.

    But there's a chance he may just not want a girlfriend.

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