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who is the fastest male tennis player on the ATP tour?

I know there are a lot of fast players out there, who do you think is the fastest? or is there perhaps any proof and evidence of who is the fastest. I am tempted to say Nadal, but then you have players like Federer, Djokovic, Ferrer and Murray, so who?

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    While all of them are fast personally Bjorn Phau a German is one of the quickest players i have ever seen play. He played Nadal in the first round of the US open this year in an interview , Andre Agassi cited Phau as one of the quickest tennis players he has ever faced. Some general info on his singles career and himself:

    Country Germany

    Residence Weilerswist, Germany

    Date of birth October 4, 1979

    Place of birth Darmstadt, West Germany

    Height 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)

    Weight 154 lb (70 kg)

    Turned pro 1999

    Plays Right-handed; one-handed backhand

    Career prize money $1,118,703


    Career record: 42–76 (ATP Tour)

    Career titles: 0 ATP, 2 ITF

    Highest ranking: No. 59 (June 19, 2006)

    If you want to know who is basically the fastest person in the top 10 I would have to say Murray because his game is very defensive and if you watch him play very few shots are winners against him because of his speed.

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    4 years ago

    Fastest Tennis Player

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    1 decade ago

    1-James blake i think he is a little faster than the others

    2-Roger Federer We all know about his court speed

    3 Rafa Nadal Always Fast and agile

    4-Gael Monfils One of the faster andbetter Athletes

    5-Donald Young He is also up there with the fastest

    6-Nishikori Japanese Teen has somereal court speed

    7- David Ferrer The veteran with the Wheels

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    Because of male testosstrone Men have more power in serves which means its easy for them to keep service game. So if there service game is secure they focus more towards the break points. Take Andy Roddick. Its kinda hard to break his serve and you need atleast 1 break game to win a set. i mean even the world fastest women server Venus williams her fastest is 128 mph which is like average for men Atp tour players and if you look at Andy roddick 155 mph thats crazy!

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    I think people underestimate Federer's speed.

    He's lightening around the court, but he's more graceful, than Nadal, Murray atc.

    The only reason Fed doesn't always look as quick is because he almost glides, and he doesn't often let opponents dominate him, so that he is always chasing.

    Someone like Murray and Nadal who have defensive games are always chasing, so they get to show off their speed.

    FedEx rules!


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    my answer would be out of the top five players it would first be nadal and then djovick....

    but outside of the top players it would be bjorn phau.... he played nadal first round of US OPEN, and he was literally out running nadal, and doing better gets then nadal.. nadal had to get more aggressive with him to beat him..

    that guy was fast and i am sure the fastest outside the best players

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    Davydenko is the fastest among the top ten. At 5'10, and 150 lbs. He moves the court like a feather with 2 rolling feet, and cleverly, IMO.

    Source(s): My own observance
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    nishikori is real fast. he beat fererr in the us open and is only 18. gael monfils is also very fast, but nadal is just unbeilby fast

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