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Is my 2 day old tattoo healing OK?

I think I am just worrying for nothing but would still like advice or personal stories/opinions.

My tattoo is now 2.5 days old and it's flaking a lot. I haven't touched or rubbed it at all, and when I wash it, I only use a light drizzle of warm water and gentle, watered down soap. I am using sparing amounts of a professional tattoo aftercare lotion. But I'm worried because it seems to be crunching up and flaking in some areas, the lines - which were beautiful, crisp, clear and sharp - are now thicker and blurrier.

It's only been 2 days, surely it shouldn't be so crispy yet.

Did I start using the aftercare lotion too early?

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    its never too early to put on lotion your tattoo is doing fine

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    Don't tattoo artists tell you what to expect with a healing tattoo? It is normal....don't pick at it and let the scabs fall off on their own. Use a non-scented lotion a few times a day(I use Lubriderm). Keep it clean and don't soak it in water. A quick wash will do. It is a healing open wound it will scab. Do not put vaseline on it... the tattoo needs to breathe in order to heal.

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    the best product to use on it is a lotion you can buy anywhere called aquaphor. its gonna act just like a sunburn. its gonna get flaky and crunchy. the best thing to do is keep it moisterized and let it heal on its own. it should take about a week to go through this. If the line work looks thick and blurry, you may have gotten an artist that didn't properly tattoo you. You may get scarring from a bad tattoo

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    Don't worry. It sounds fine. They scab up fairly quickly. It's important not to pick at it though while it scabs and heals. If it's getting itchy put a bit of Preperation H or similar on it. It stops it itching and helps it heal. Then let it get some air.

    It will heal in no time at all.

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    Your fine don't worry. Just keep doing what your doing, keep it clean, let air get to it as much as possible and keep putting on the cream, if you run out use a bit of savlon and DON'T pick the scabs.

    It'll be fine in about 2 weeks. Just remember to always use a full sun block on it if you go out in the sun, not much of that in this country tho lol.

    Source(s): 4 tattoo's of my own
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    You're healing fine. The crunchy, tight feeling is your tattoo healing. This to me is the most uncomfortable part because it feels like your skin is tight and you want to rip it off! I always put lotion on earlier than normal but that is just me.

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    Don't worry, it looks all kinds of ways, and will for about 2 - 4 weeks.

    Just take excellent care of it. Lubriderm unscented is perfect.

    Check this site:

    good luck, enjoy your ink

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    its just scabbing up tattoos are put on by breaking the skin so it will scab up theres nothing wrong just keep it clean once aday should be enough oklove

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    it'll be cool; don't worry!

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