How old is middle aged?

Just wondering what age you all consider to be middle aged!



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Update 2:

LMAO you reckon 39 G!

Just as well I'm only 21

Update 3:


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    I used to work at Miracle-Ear hearing aid center, so my view on age changed after working there and seeing different age ranges all the way up to 105! So, I honestly think middle aged is in your 60s, because many of those 60s-90s people were healthy, active and still doing things you wouldn't expect! Once you hit 60, you could still live for 40 more years! Wow, I'm only 35 and sometimes feel old, but if you think about that, 35 seems like a baby still!

    Source(s): Years of watching the elderly and young!
  • Cristy
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    4 years ago

    from 40 is middle aged and after 60 is old age. I am 44 by the way. I think old when I hear over 75. I think people become old when they are old. I think it's an important stage of life not a pessimistic condition.

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    45 to 50

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    I'm astonished that some people here think that 30 is middle-aged!

    I suppose it's all relative to their own ages. I know people who are

    old at 40, and others who are young at 90, demonstrating what I

    always suspected - that age is the physical state defined only by

    number, but being "old" or "young" is really defined by attitude of mind.

    Source(s): (To me, middle age should be around 65)
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  • Sahar
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  • podge
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    1 decade ago

    Since life expectancy is around 80 plus or minus a few years middle age must kick in at around 40 give or take a couple of years.

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    Since people are living to be at least 70 to 80 years old, I'd say around 35 or 40 is now considered middle-aged. Sorry.

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  • Huh!
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    Around 40

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