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My cat was diagnosed with leukemia. What is chemotherapy like for the cat and how expensive is it?

My 13 y.o. cat was diagnosed today with leukemia, likely in the bone marrow and is critical right now. The vet just called me with the news about 2 hrs ago and said really, the only treatment is chemo if I choose to go that route. I want to hear from other cat owners who went through this... what is chemo like for cats? Was it hard on your cat to tolerate? How expensive is it? How frequent does it have to be done? Did your cat survive long after the chemo was completed? I'm devastated right now, but need to know the realities of this treatment before I make a choice. I don't want her to suffer, especially if this is a hard treatment for her to go thru if it won't prolong her life very long. Has anyone here gone through this personally with their cat? Thank you.


I just want to thank you all for your answers. My baby died this morning after taking a big turn for the worse overnight. Aggressive bone cancer was the final diagnosis and chemo turned out not to even be an option. She was just too sick. Thank you again and Sunni, all the best to you and your baby.

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    I understand your heartbreaking decision. My cat has intestinal lymphoma which is cancer. Lymphoma is very common in cats and dogs and can develop anywhere in the body. Today was the 6th chemo treatment for my cat. He had one a week for six weeks and now he will go every two weeks for a time period. This past week has been excellent for him with no side effects such as vomiting or diarrhea, but there was some during these six weeks of treatment. The oncologist (yes, there are vet oncologist) thinks he has turned the corner on getting into a full remission. It is very expensive. For me....it is worth it for he is "family". The chemo drugs are the same used for humans. Of course, in different dosages. The time frame in treatment varies depending on what kind of cancer. If there is any hair loss, it is fine hair under the coat which would not be noticeable to anyone. Hair loss is not in animals as it is in humans. No, the cat would not become furless/bald. They may....may.....lose the whiskers. So far mine has not lost any whatsoever. I would talk with your vet again and ask for a vet oncologist. By the way, my cat is 14 years old. Get as much information as you can to make a informed decision. I have absolutely no regret in doing the chemo. Stay positive....don't give up. Please see an oncologist vet ASAP.

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    I've seen some cats come in for chemo at the clinic.

    Chemotherapy for pets isn't as hard on them as chemotherapy is for humans. The reason is that human chemotherapy is trying to cure the cancer and let the patient live another 20 or 30 years. Feline chemotherapy is just trying to put it into remission for a little while, say 3 years at the most, so the doses are much gentler. Most cats are more annoyed about being at the vets than bothered by the chemo.

    It can be quite expensive depending on the protocol you chose, with results ranging from 3 months to 1 year, but there's a range of options depending on budget. I'd have to look it up, but you should see what's available near you.

    She won't lose her hair or anything like that. It's not rough like human chemo.

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    i hav never done chemo since my cat has never gotten leukemia. I didn"t even know cats could get that until i saw this!

    I am really sry 4 ur cat. Since Iv"e never done chemo wit my cat(and hopefully never will.), I don't know, but I hav a feeling its pretty expensive. U cud probably get financial aid. talk to ur vet. Since chemo has a loss of hair effect on humans, im guessing the cats lose fur. Hope ur cat gets well.

    Wats ur cats name? may b u cud send a picture.

    Best wishes 4 u and ur cat!>


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    Sorry to here about your cat.

    I have read in the past about Herb called Herb Robert being good for cancer in humans and pets have a look at this article.

    Hope pussy will be ok. Good Luck.

    I think you will have to chop it up fine in it's food and maybe add an egg as is done for humans.

    I take this herb every day.


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