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How do I convert 3 metre Snellen chart readings to 6 metre equivalent?

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    Very strictly, you can't. Someone modestly short-sighted would perform noticeably better on a 3m Snellen chart than a 6m one. The test distance can make a difference, and it's a piece of information worth preserving.

    But in terms of simple angular acuity, treat it as equivalent fractions

    "Three over six" 3/6 => 6/12 (= 1/2, 0.5)

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    You convert this way. Cross out the 20/20 line, and write 40. For the 20/10 line, write "20", or 20/20.

    It is very simple. But no closer than 10 feet. This is a distant visual acuity test. For DMV testing the distance must be 20 feet.

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