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Dead tooth - any advice please?

I wondered if anyone can give advice re a dead tooth.

I’m 20yrs and I’ve always had prefect teeth. Every dentist loves me as my teeth are cleaned, flossed and rinses twice a day, I eat no sweets or drink fizzy drinks and as a result I’ve always had ‘prefect teeth.’

However suddenly my front tooth has died. I’ve had no trauma to it, no knocks anything so can’t understand why it’s died. My dentist took an x-ray which showed nothing wrong, no cracks/holes etc. I’ve had it drained to clear the infection and no waiting to have a root canal filling done to try and ‘save’ the actual tooth (although I know it’ll always be dead).

I’m devastated and don’t know how the hell a healthy tooth just dies. I’m worried now that my other teeth might do the same.

Anyone any expert ideas on this problem?


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    your nerve could have have died, (im a trainee dentist) root canal treaments could save your tooth BUT.. it cold give you a diffferent colour on some parts of that dead tooth e.g. blue tip

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