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Which NFL teams are underrated and overrated?

A lot of teams had real good opening games. Some teams that were awful in '07 whipped up on some other awful teams and are now getting hyped up. Who is the most overrated team with a win in week one? Also who is underrated? Here's my top 5 for each.

1. Atlanta Falcons (Wow, you beat the Detroit Lions on 3 long plays. Beat a contender and I will probably give you 6-10. Until then they are still a 4-12 team.)

2. Buffalo Bills- (Crushing win last Sunday. One game won't convince me that Marshawn Lynch and Trent Edwards are the real deal. Still no play-offs in 08.)

3. New York Jets (Brett Favre is not going to take you to the big one. He couldn't do it with Packers, nevertheless Jets)

4. Green Bay (I think Minnesota is the 90's version of the Detroit Lions. Great RB and that's it. Green Bay barely won. Green Bays running game has been noticed and teams will focus on Ryan Grant. Show me Aaron Rodgers make some plays with 2 minutes left and win the game. Then I will believe. They beat Minnesota only because of an INT and a long run by Ryan Grant.

5. New York Giants- (Luck is typically a one time thing. Giants fans hope you enjoyed last year because thats the end of the champaign popping. I hear about Eli showing poise and whatever from beating the Redskins. Redskins are not a good football team. If they were a true superbowl contender they would have detroyed the Redskins. McNabb is back. Giants won't see play-offs in '08.


1) Broncos- (If anyone saw the Monday Night game Bronco's versus Raiders, you might have noticed that Cutler is for real. The passing game was great. Just wait until they add Marshall back to the line-up. You will be lucky if you have Cutler on your fantasy team. He will be top 5 QB's in '08 with Brady gone. Shanahan always has a great running game and now he has a passing attack. If the defense can hold up expect Broncos to win the division.

2) Tennessee Titans- (The only thing hurting them is Vince Young. Titans fans have become impatient with him. With the best kept secret, Chris Johnson, the Titans now have big play ability to go along with the defense. Young will be out for two weeks, which puts Kerry Collins in the starting spot. With Kerry's experience expect them to win the next few games until Vince Young comes back. The defence uncludes Pro-bowlers Jevon Kearse, Albert Haynesworth, and Keith Vanden Bosch on the defensive line, along with Keith Bullock at LB, and the most underrated cover coner Cortland Finnegan to top the defense. After punishing the superbowl contender Jacksonville Jags on Sunday expect them to make a statement in the AFC. Final record 11-5

3) Philadelphia Eagles- (After week one, I'm guessing many are expecting great things from the Egles. But many don't notice yet. Egles are the best team in the NFC. Yes, better than the Cowboys. McNabb is great with any recievers. With McNabb and Brian Westbrook on offense the sky is the limit. The path to the superbowl is in the hands of the defense.

4) Chicago Bears- (The defense is back! They are back to a top 5 defense in the NFL. Defense is what carried them in the past. Not much has changed since '05 and '06 defensively. Yes, the Colts were sloppy, but they were still the Colts and the Bears manhandled them. Matt Forte looks like an excellent rookie back. Orton made no mistakes against a pretty good Colts secondary. If he can keep it up expect Chicago to be a play-off contender again.

5) New England Patriots- (Many have doubted them after the Tom Brady injury. Tom Brady was once a backup just like Matt Castle. No, he is no Tom Brady so they probably won't go 16-0, but 11-5 is reasonable. Castle has sat behind Brady and watched and studied the offense. He can't be that bad with Welker and Moss as his recievers. With an improved running game and an experienced defense expect them to win their division.

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    Pretty good list - I actually agree with you on 90% of what youve said.

    Falcons played the weak Lions (won't have an offensive explosion like that again)

    Bills played a banged up Seahawks and got huge special teams plays

    Jets beat the Dolphins - big deal

    Giants managed a win despite Eli Manning reverting back to the old Eli, and the Redskins dropping 5 interceptions.

    However, I don't agree with your take on the Packers - I think they're plenty good (although, overrated by some). I think they're a playoff bound team with Rodgers at the helm. It will be a battle in the NFC North to get that division title, and I think they're better than the Vikings and Bears.

    I would replace the Packers with the Cowboys - people seem to think that they will be able to coast right into a division and conference title. I disagree. People keep neglecting the fact that they went 1-3 over their past 4 games. Each of the NFC East teams beat the Cowboys once last season, and I think that people forget how competitive this division is. Undoubtedly the Cowboys are a great team, but they aren't going to be able to be given the division on a silver platter - it will be a tough competition, and they are a Romo or TO injury away from having a lot of question marks. Plus the Browns were way overrated last year. Their defense is laughable, and their offense is centered around a guy who should throw 20 or more interceptions on the season, and will struggle to complete over 50% of his passes. Sorry, there's already 1 Eli Manning in the league Derrick Anderson.

    I'm pretty much in complete agreement with your underrated teams - The Pats should still got 10-6, the bears could become a force again, the Eagles will be a very solid team, the Titans just need defense and a rushing attack to win, and the Broncos are much improved (although their defense is somewhat suspect in my opinion). The Saints are another team I may add on there - I think people could overlook them this year, and they've improved some on defense, and their offense should be one of the best yet again.

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    Overrated teams:

    Browns- The injuries will kill them this year, along with a very tough schedule and the possibility that DA was just a flash in the pan. Not only this, but I believe that their pass defense is the worst in the ENTIRE league. If you cant stop the opponent's offense from running over you week after week, it doesn't matter how great your offense is.

    Colts- The absence of a 2nd elite WR in their offense will hurt them alot this year (Harrison is NOT an elite WR anymore). Also, the injury to Peyton is going to hurt his pocket mobility, which always limits a QB. I am not saying that they will be awful, but they will not be as dominant as they have been in recent memory

    Vikings- They have weapons all over the place, but without a passing game or the ability to stop the deep ball, they are still just an 8-8 team again. Everyone is making them out to be the implied NFC champion before week 1 even starts

    Saints- (See the Browns) They have no D, and their running game is a little limited with Bush not being a premiere back.

    My predictions for the underrated teams may not be as knowledgable:

    Titans- They have a great running game, and also have an elite defense. These two things are what makes a great football team. While they may not have Vince Young for the entire year, Collins is a very capable backup.

    Ravens- Baltimore has a great 1-2 punch at RB: Ray Rice and Mcgahee which will help them win games. The defense will be stellar as usual, so the opponent's offense will not stay on the field as long. Flacco may be a rookie, but I am confident that he has what it takes to help his team win football games.

    Giants- Everybody is writing them off this year because they lost osi and strahan. Nobody stops to think though that they are stacked still on D, even with the loss of two of their elite defenders. Not only do they have a great D, but their running game is very good. Jacobs, ward and bradshaw should all be great this year.

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    (1)-Philadelphia(just because they are in a very hard NFC East people are ignoring this team)

    (2)-Chicago Bears(I think Kyle Ortan can get the job done and their new rookie HB looks pretty good

    (3)-Denver Broncos(This is Jay Cutlers year)

    (4)-Baltimore Ravens-( they still have a good D and and with Joe flacoo and Willis mcgahee they should do pretty good too)

    (5)-Green Bay Packers(everybody is puttin them down cause they lost favre but they still have all the players that they did last year...besides favre...)


    (1)-New England Pats(people think they will still do good without Brady but they are just in "dream land")

    (2)-Cleveland Browns(they had a good year last year but their defense will hold them back from being the same team this year)

    (3)-Jacksonville Jags(they have a bad o-line and for a team centered on the run that's not good)

    (4)-Seattle Seahawks(people think that Matt Hasslebeck is soooo great but he is just average in my opinion)

    (5)-New Orleans Saints(they have a good offense but no Defense and as we have seen year after year "defense wins championships")

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    I've been a Broncos fan for nearly 15 years now, and before I even read what you said. I was thinking Broncos are so Under rated. Broncos never get any credit! Nothing! I'm glad to see you think they are under rated, because they are. I agree with your other 4 selections of Under rated. People don't give New England enough credit. Randy Moss is still one of the best receivers without Brady. The Pat's defence is still one of the best in the game. I have a huge amount of respect for Tom Brady, but the Pats can do it without him. Chicago Bears looked LEGIT after playing Indy, even IF Peyton Manning is "rusty", they had a great defence going. Kyle Orton looked above Average. No doubt they will win their division, I don't really consider Minnesota, or Green Bay a contender after watching those two teams go head-to-head last night. About the Over rated. Well, the problem with the Bills is; they rely way too much on their special teams. They will pull off a few wins with special teams, but Trent Edwards hasn't proven to me that he's capable of winning close games. (I live in Buffalo, watch most of their games if Broncos aren't playing.) Marshawn Lynch will do quite a bit, but won't be able to carry this team. Buffalo Bills defence is above average, but they won't be able to stop a team such as New England. The Jets, are lucky they have Favre, but how many "prayers" can Favre throw till they turn into lame ducks? I think everyone can agree with me that the Jets were lucky to beat Miami. They won't win their division simply because Favre can't carry them. Yes, they did make it to the playoffs last year with Favre, but that's totally different, he's been apart of that Organization for a decade. He knows the rule book inside and out. The Jets have a different way of doing things, and because of that, they'll finish the season 8-8. The G-Men have one of the toughest divisions in all of the NFL. Expectations are high for them this year, since they won the super bowl, but I can't really see them beat the Cowboys, or the Eagles. Eli Manning is proving that he's more mature, but I just don't see them making the playoffs this year. I think the Cowboys will compete with the Eagles in winning the division, but in the end, I think the Cowboys will win their division. I'm not a fan of Tony Romo, but he has a great receiver (T.O), and the running game is phenominal. Their defence can stop offensive drives for the MOST part.

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    underrated - Bills (how do u think their overrated? they played kick butt last week and still get no respect!!!)

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    i have to go to to look at schedules to see for that one

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