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Does Harvey (Two Face) die at the end of Dark Knight?

I saw the ending but unclear on what happened to Harvey. I mean i know batman takes the fall for Harvey for killing those cops but i mean isn't that pointless since if Harvey is alive he'll just go evil again when he regains consciousness unless the fall killed him. which is my question, did the fall kill him?

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    This is something that's been on my mind for quite a while, now... Remember, the one gangster that Batman threatened? "A fall from this height wouldn't kill me." Foreshadowing, almost. Unless Dent broke his neck on the fall, my answer would have to be a strong 'no'.

    My best guess would probably have to be he was sent to Arkham as Two-Face. The funeral was staged for the people. Harvey Dent was dead. Dead to the world, society: Gotham. His drop most likely did not kill him. Broke a few bones, maybe, threw him into unconsciousness. Nothing fatal.

    The police department had probably wanted to give him a hero's funeral. They wanted the citizens to remember him as Harvey Dent: Gotham's White Knight. Not Two-Face, madman. "Because that’s what needs to happen. Because sometimes the truth isn’t good enough, sometimes people deserve more, sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded."

    Just a theory. A very plausible theory.

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    Harvey Dents personality died in the hospital , Gothams golden boy had turned corrupt due to the twisted fate the Joker served on his plate. Several people in the force were paid to help aid in the fate of high society members, police, and Harveys future wife. Thus driving Harvey over the edge and changing his grasp of reality. The Joker thought he could drive the insanity and kayos out of people in Gathom causing there spirit to break. The golden boy was given a proper funeral, dieing a hero. Batman returned the favor and took the fall for Two Face,Harvey could not become a felon or everyone he put behind bars would be released. Two faces coin landed on heads, he is alive but his fate lies in the sequel. In the issue of comic books he was put with the joker in a asylum. Batman knew this was his last mission thats why he told Lucious Fox"type in your name" when you are done using this program. WHEN THE PROGRAM WAS DELETED EVERYTHING SHUT DOWN.The lights were on motion sensors when the program shut down all the lights went of immediately. The finger print of a bullet is a "bust". In forensic science just smearing a finger print would alter how correct the results would be. So sending a bullet through a wall and altering its physical characteristics(causing scrapes and scurfs) and the ability to recover vital data would be impossible. If something like a strand of hair was recovered a chemical anaylnses could be done to confirm the dna.

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    The point wasn't to let him keep doing good, but to be a moral flagpole.

    If the Joker was able to warp Harvey into being twisted and evil, what chance is there for anyone else that is good. By taking the fall for him, Batman (an already questionable character, though the hero) keeps the squeaky clean persona of Harvey Dent just as clean as it was before Joker got to him.

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    I think they did that on purpose so that they could bring him back if they wanted. So no, it doesn't really say but it seems like the detective and batman kind of assumed he was dead.

    They did the same thing with Scarecrow at the end of Batman Begins and he was in The Dark Knight.

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    um YES.

    wow yeah he died, which is why Batman took the fall.

    beause he knew Harvey was a good man, just that he went insane because of what the joker did to him.

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    there's speculation as to whether he really died or not. if you notice, they never really said that he died. he never really had a funeral, it was just a memorial service. they could be trying to keep harvey dent's notorious reputation. also, if batman survived the fall, even when he was shot, shouldn't have harvey?

    Source(s): saw the dark knight 3 times
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    Not really, they left it ambiguous that way they could "revive" Harvey on the next sequel

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    yes batman runs into him and they both drop of the building and batman lands on top of him so he lives but 2 face dies!!!

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    yes he does

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