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are gerbils intelligent and trainable?

i am getting 2 gerbils soon. are they intelligent and trainable

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    Actually, yes. Most rodents, such as guinea pigs, are intelligent. Gerbils are completely trainable, but you must be patient and keep training them until they have memorized it.

    It took me maybe a month to litter box train my guinea pigs, so I would imagine it won't take much longer for you.

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    intelligent and trainable i don't know but they are very easy to tame.

    They are curious and social.

    My 2 gerbils ate on my hand from the 1st day i got them.

    Make sure to take 2 males because 2 females will fight!

    Source(s): owner of 2 tame gerbils
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    yes my gerbils are very intelligent infact in studies that they have run on gerbils they can tell a circle from a triangle

    Source(s): proud owner of two gerbils
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    Yes they are, mine were really hyperactive and never really stood still so i never got to the chance to train mine lol, i'm not patient :) But i'm sure if you're patient enough then you'll be able to ^-^

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    Yes they are but they take ages to train. Rats are quicker.

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