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Anyone know of any good chat rooms ? preferably with voice chat aswell.?

I did use yahoo but voice chat wont work because of vista :s and its full of bots now anyway ,, also ive tried lycos so any other suggestions would be appreciated ! .

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    I have Vista and voice chat works just fine in Yahoo Chat, although there is a patch for it that you can search Google for. I don't know which site to get it from though, because I never needed it. And only certain rooms are FULL of bots, most of the other ones (politics, games, books, music, etc.) have SOME bots and then mostly humans.

    I don't know of any other chatrooms though, because I don't use them. Sorry.

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    1 decade ago

    since your asking for a chat room not a messenger service, i use lycos, im not sure if it allows voice but even with out it its prety cool u can up load photo's be a photo chatter, have personal conversations provatly whilst having public ones, theres hundreds of rooms to choose from and its always active 24/7 :) its all free and its quite interesting how it works :D

    enjoy :)


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    what about msn?

    Its free to download and it has no viruses.

    It uses voice and webcam if you have one.

    Or try

    ebuddy if you dont want to download anything

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    Sign up to

  • uk chatterbox is a gd 1

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    yer bebo!!

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    i use aim..

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