Chrome vs Firefox? Which will you choose?

Which will you choose? Chrome, Firefox 3, Opera, Lynx, Safari, IE8

I have heard good and bad things about each one.

Let's have a debate!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have use all except lynx. My favorite ones would have to be Fire fox and Safari. The reason being is that they are safer and have all the things you need. Right know I use Fire fox because of what it does. I know that you have heard what BK SAYS, well Firefox is that way. U CAN HAVE IT YOUR WAY. I like the fact that you do not have a single browser, but many with the way you can configure it with addons and all the extra goodies.

    1. It safer

    2. customization

    3. speed

    4. It does not crash

    5. do not get virus.


    On the other hand Safari has all the things that Firefox has except customization. One of the features that I like is the private browsing. It leaves no track of what you did on the computer. Safari in some websites is just a second or two faster then FF.

    If they did not have Safari or Firefox I would go with Opera. It is similar to Firefox and Safari. They main dif. is that it has some things from Safari and some from Firefox. In opera you can also HV IT UR WAY.

    Chrome is still in beta testing, but so far it lacks many things. This would be a beginners web-browser. Meaning that it lacks, some of the basic features that the others have like customization. It is safer, but still it needs a lot of work to be able to rise to the challenge.

    Last but not least IE8, so far it has been a pain in the rear. One of the many things that have not work for me is paste. Every time I copy something into the address bar it freezes. IE8 has something called web slices, but so far I have not found that useful. What web slice are if you do not know they are live tracking of blogs or ebay auctions and many more.This is good because you do not have to keep refreshing the page. The main problem is that web slice to work like for ebay you have to be in a special website. Instead of being it now is So for some websites to work you have to know the exact address or else it will not work.

    I do not care what they add to IE8, it is just a copy of what was done all ready by someone. The only difference is that they give it to you as a pack. If IE8 can not be more secure than it is not going to be better. They thing that by showing you the main address of the website(highlighted in black in the address bar) it makes it safer.

    One feature that IE8 lacks is that whenever you go into a website that it's not secure it does not tell you. Firefox, Opera, And Safari block a site if they thing is bad, while still giving you the option to go at your own risk. Plus they also give you a warning about a site in the address bar by showing the website icon in red for not safe, and in green for safe.

  • Linds
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    1 decade ago

    Right now Chrome is still a beta, in trial stages, so it's going to have some issues.

    Firefox 3, is not in beta form anymore and with a couple more updates it will be a great browser

    Opera and Lynx are probably the underdogs of all browser, you don't here much about them anymore

    Safari, is where firefox and google, got ideas for their browsers, it's an okay browser, but it does take a lot getting used to.

    IE8, is in it's second form of beta, can't say much about that, as not everyone has switched over to IE7 yet. So if IE8 doesn't do a better job then the last one, then it's likely that could kill microsofts browers all together. I'm still using IE 6 becasue I here so many bad things about IE7.

  • 3 years ago

    Google Chrome. information superhighway Explorer is the WORST! I do use Firefox on occasion using fact for some reason Google Chrome would not open some pages that i bypass to, it basically sits there loading perpetually till you supply up in actuality. yet i'm on Firefox precise now. Google Chrome is the quickest, however. those that are nonetheless on IE could desire to attempt a diverse browser that they had be surprised on the cost improve of loading the browser and the internet pages.

  • 1 decade ago

    I used Chrome for several hours today, and oddly enough, I caught it choking on Javascript more than a few times. It has a lot of potential, but for now Firefox still blows it out of the water on all fronts. I'm sticking with Firefox.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Chrome is good in terms of speed. It is faster than firefox 3.

    But when it comes in terms of Security and Reliability firefox scores.

    So we should wait for Chrome's stable and fully developed version.

    So I still prefer firefox 3 because of the add-ons, plugins and other features

  • 1 decade ago

    Firefox 3 is my fav..but some sites still dont work properly as they are designed for IE..thats not Firefox fault though..firefox and avg virus protection..who says the best things in life ain't free!!

  • Hauzer
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    1 decade ago

    Mozilla FireFox 3 all over.

  • 1 decade ago

    Opera. It's still superiour to Firefox. I do like what Chrome brings (like Webkit and a nicer method for running web apps).

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    SAFARI. i HAD a windows with firefox, which sucked, so i worked my *** off and got a MAC. best decision ever. nothing goes wrong with leopard. i tried out CHROME on my in my schools computer lab today but didnt get a chance to use it much because i got yelled at for downloading it =] =] =] =]. but the 2min of it that i saw, to me it looked like ****

  • A5H13Y
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    1 decade ago

    Mozilla Firefox beats all

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