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Firefox vs IE flash player help?

I recently started using firefox and i used it to browse through videos on the cnn website, before viewing the vids it asked me to download some sort of adobe flash player and it worked fine. Now when i use IE, I have problems with watching files on youtube, some vids don't load and the one that do take ages to start.

How do i fix this problem?

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  • Ern T
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    Don't know for sure, but the first thing I'd do is check I have the latest version > , you can find out here:

    if not download the latest from here:

  • ?
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    4 years ago

    i take advantage of the two, there issues Chrome does ultimate and comparable Firefox. As for Flash enjoying, i take advantage of FireFox maximum of time because of the fact i comprehend it works. often times Chrome acts up or does not like information superhighway website. the only authentic answer may be so which you will do your individual sorting out, one time use Chrome and next time use Firefox.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No need to view youtube videos wit IE you can get a cool add on for FF called IE Tab and it will open any IE page in FF just search for it on the Mozille addon page for FF

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