advice on a bladder infection?

a month or so i got a bladder infection and i have now got another one

it is since i have been sleeping with my boyfriend and its really getting me down

is there a way to get rid of it quickly and to keep it away?

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    Hun, i used to get this on a regular basis, always after having sex with a boyfriend, found out that depending on what position and how rough sex was can cause the bladder to get bruised, causing cystitis, the only answer was to take things easy and find a position that doesn't cause too deep penetration, speak to your boyfriend I'm sure he will understand, tell him if he doesn't take it easy then no sex, I'm sure he will accommodate you, drink plenty of water and get something from your doctor or the chemist have some good medicine, good luck and hope this helps.x.

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    Have you officailly be digonised with a bladder infection or are you just guessing? if it happened around sexual intercourse you could have an STD get it checked oout immediantly, if you've been safe are are sure its not it could be any of the following, wearing lyra underwear they cause moister to be trapped and moister=bacteria solution cotton undies and good hygiene. Bubble baths and soaps can also cause bladder infections so aviod sitting in a bubble bath for too long especially if the waters only luke warm, dont use scented toilet paper, also drink cranberry juice it flushes the systema dn will get rid of the infection quicker than without

    ingest good bacteria like in yoghurt

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    It's possible that you have a urinary tract infection but I'm not sure what your symptoms are. I had one and a common cause is bacteria that enters your body through sexual intercourse. I saw my gynecologist and she gave me an antibiotic that cured it very quickly. The important thing is to see a doctor or gynecologist ASAP, because a UTI or bladder infection can spread to your kidneys and will be ten times worse. As far as keeping it away goes, most people say to urinate before and after sex, drink 100% cranberry juice every day, don't use harsh detergents and soaps, and just use common sense to keep your down-there as clean as possible.

    If you are on the birth control pill and your doctor prescribes you an antibiotic, MAKE SURE you ask how it will affect your birth control. My sister never thought to ask the doctor how antibiotics affect birth control and he didn't mention it and she got pregnant, so just remember to ask that.

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    Make sure you wee before and especially after you have sex. This will flush out any bacteria that may have traveled up your urethra (the tube from your bladder to outside your body) during intercourse.

    Be careful to choose the right positions for intercourse as this can sometimes inflame your bladder from the action of him inside you.

    I would advise you to go and see your doctor or urogynocologist if you continue to have infections.

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