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BCW asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

Why did Hannibal Rising get bad reviews?

I honestly think that Hannibal Rising was an amazing movie and well executed (Yes, I know I am bit late in asking this question since it's been almost a year since it's release). Gaspard Ulliel did an amazing job with portraying Hannibal Lecter. I think a lot of people forgot that this is a prequel. It's suppose to show you how Hannibal began to become... Well, the Hannibal we all know and love.

Prequels are (in my opinion) notoriously bad. There are very few that actually make it in my book. And Hannibal Rising is one of those few. It was visually beautiful and all the actors did an excellent job. Yes, all the actors.

Again, some like that is very rare. Normally out of a cast of characters that are all essentially important, there might be one actor that wasn't exactly up to par. But in Rising all the actors were.

In Rising it's the beginning of Hannibal's transformation. Gaspard Ulliel's movements and speech was so close to Anthony Hopkin's own version of Hannibal were surprisingly close and I was left very satisfied with Gaspard's performance.

So I'd like to know if any one thinks the way I do or if they really didn't like the movie. If not, I've love to know why. I'm honestly really interested in knowing why it did as badly as it did.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    I loved it. I saw it opening weekend and I thought it was very well done.

    Hannibal is my favorite character and my favorite movies EXCEPT I think they did a very bad job with the movie Hannibal. Hopkins was fantastic as usual but the movie was very disappointing. The book is one of my favorites and I have read it about 4 times.

    According to things I have read, it cost 50 million to make and brought in over 82 million worldwide. I would think that is a moderate success of a movie. Certainly not a blockbuster, but still a success.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i thought it was a great movie [guy i was with took me to it at the time thinking i may get scared into his arms -am a horror buff not wuss so didnt lol]

    i loved the humanity of the character of hannibal ...the vulnerability and love he genuinely feels for little mischa and then they do as they do and he has to live with that ...they created that monster ,not he .

    the whole revenge plot was amazing and showed the brutality of lector in all its entire beauty ...the filleting of the butchers face and stealing of his fish ,only to deny all involvement .

    seriously gaspard ulliel was great and frankly those are the roles oscars are deserved .....he was great.

    i totally agree this film was fantastic ....the story well developed unlike many prequels [star wars prequels suck] deserved alot more recognition than it got ...even if it drew in merely satisfactory crowds still probably did great in dvd sales [i have it]

    Source(s): hannibal the cannibal fan
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  • 1 decade ago

    Some movies that get bad reviews don't deserve them, and Hannibal probably fits into that category.

    It had nice performances and it made it's money back.

    Other movies, like Disaster Movie, Babylon A.D. and Clone Wars deserve EXACTLY the kind of reviews they received. They ARE that bad.

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