Do you think global warming deniers are not afraid to get dreadful diseases caused global warming?

Whenever i answer a question about the effects of GW (global warming),(my answer is that GW could cause skin cancer)

I always get 5 thumbs-down(or more)

And some skeptics/deniers say that i'm wrong. Or even though they don't believe that GW is caused by us, it could still cause skin cancer and heatstroke.

It's true, i asked EVERY doctors that this is scientifically proven. Or not just doctors, some scientists studied and proved that long time ago.

What's your opinion on this?


What i meant is that do u think they don't care to get those diseases.

(TO make it clearly)

Update 2:

Adam C- You're right, the deniers will probably turn around and say that the WHO is not a respectable source or part of a conspiracy or that their research is wrong or simply just deny the whole thing.

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  • Adam C
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    1 decade ago
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    The World Health Organisation says that "the health effects of a rapidly changing climate are likely to be overwhelmingly negative". The risks are of "increasing frequencies of heatwaves", "increasing risks of water-borne disease", "increasing risks of malnutrition", "lengthen the transmission seasons of important vector-borne diseases" and the impact of them...

    "A WHO quantitative assessment, taking into account only a subset of the possible health impacts, concluded that the effects of the climate change that has occurred since the mid-1970s may have caused over 150 000 deaths in 2000. It also concluded that these impacts are likely to increase in the future."

    Of course, the deniers will probably turn around and say that the WHO is not a respectable source or part of a conspiracy or that their research is wrong or simply just deny the whole thing. Odd how those same deniers will listen to the WHO on vaccinations, SARS, AIDS, avian flu, polio or smallpox eradication, etc, etc - I bet 99%+ of deniers have been vaccinated (a WHO initiative)!

    Edit to Eric

    Actually, Eric, all humans and human organisations "have an agenda". The WHO is upfront about theirs (

    - Promoting development

    - Fostering health security

    - Strengthening health systems

    - Harnessing research, information and evidence

    - Enhancing partnerships

    - Improving performance

    Very sinister...

    So instead of trusting a global institution that all governments (thus, indirectly, all peoples of the world) have entrusted with certain obectives that are for the betterment of mankind, you have decided to trust one individual whose profession is journalism and whose agenda is to sell more of his own books - i.e. self-enrichment!

    I have troubles with this "agenda" stuff.

    The UN represents all of the world's population; if the US, or any other country disagreed with it, they could leave. The fact that they stay is what makes the UN credible.

    An "agenda" suggests that the truth is 'twisted and bent' in order to pursue a self-serving objective. But if the organisation with the 'agenda' represents all of humanity, then when we talk of a self-serving objective, it becomes an objective that serves all mankind... and what's wrong with that?

    But, yes, as I guessed, the first knee jerk is to call the UN non-credible and WHO research as corrupt.

    Tell me, eric, are you vaccinated? Do you wash your hands? have you ever seen someone with polio? Do you drink clean water? Are you worried about smallpox?

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, first of all, I have to say that the effects of Climate HChange will vary greatly, depending on what happens. If there is no warming effect and it starts cooling down, then we are in for an ice age and no one is prepared. If it warms, there will be more heat waves and more erratic weather. Truthfully we don't know much about our climate and what will happen if it changes. But the one thing we do know, is that, the climate has changed before and we are powerless to stop it and powerless to change it. And in regards to illnesses, it depends on the weather. And it may not be that we are more prone to illnesses because the weather will not permit it, especially if it is erratic weather, because it's pretty hard to get skin cancer in torrential downpour. And heatstroke is something for people who are to stupid to drink water and keep in the shade and stay cool when it's hot.

    And by the way, I'm a non-believer, saying non-believers are afraid of illnesses, etc.. is incorrect and stupid. I don't believe in the whole theory because of the junk science surrounding it. If you want to see why many people deny it, read The Deniers by Lawrence Solomon, it has scientific facts from scientists who are in the top of their fields, not ones who just got ourt of school with a fresh phD in hand, like Michael Mann (author of hockey stick graph).

    Also, government organization can not be trusted with the facts, as they have an agenda, and these people with agendas, especially the UN, are dangerous as they will twist and bend the truth to their liking. Oh and Adam, sorry, but the WHO is a part of the UN, which has the most scientifically corrupt group of all, the IPCC. And, as the IPCC have an agenda, so does the WHO and the rest of the UN.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well once again the lead alarmists illustrate their lack of very basic knowledge because of their limited educational experience. The liberals excluding history and other critical sciences from their educational experiences are really going to bite the world in the butt in a serious way soon. Warm temperatures lead to lessening dangers of disease not more. Every major outbreak of plague has come with cold weather not warm weather.

    This came about from the worlds plunge into the little ice age where they went from a climate about 2C warmer than it is today to the first stage of the little ice age about .5C colder than currently and diseases that had been dormant for more than 500 years became active again. Of course the liberals of that time had also killed off all the cats they could find because they thought cats caused witches. What they did not realize is that intelligent people prefer cats as pets and intelligent people could see through the rhetoric of the liberals and so tried to educate those who could not understand the truth just as we skeptics do today.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you got it rodders, they are plain scared. we used to have malaria in eastern england in medieval times.

    charles m; the black death preceded the little ice age in europe, in fact there is a well supported theory that it was the plague that caused the little ice age, as there were many less people and animals in europe (and later in the americas), meaning less CO2 (from burning), and methane, emitted, and a lot of areas regrowing as forest, pulling CO2 out of the air.

    "The pandemic is thought to have begun in Central Asia or India and spread to Europe during the 1340s. The total number of deaths worldwide is estimated at 75 million people; approximately 25-50 million of which occurred in Europe. The Black Death is estimated to have killed 30% to 60% of Europe's population.It may have reduced the world's population from an estimated 450 million to between 350 and 375 million in 1400.

    Bubonic plague is thought to have returned to Europe every generation with varying virulence and mortalities until the 1700s.

    so, that's all kicking off at the end of the medieval warm period then;

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  • 1 decade ago

    In southeast Michigan we have had a total of 4 days over 90 this summer. Wed we are going back into the 70's. Also the winters are always very, very cold to the point were homeless people die and cops will ticket you for leaving animals outside in the yard. When I can wear just a long sleeve shirt and jeans in January then I will be concerned.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Let me put it this way.

    My sister-in-law refused to allow her kids to have inoculations over such diseases such as the measles cause there have been no outbreaks or that the measles are a thing of the past.

    Not true, the reason why we have had no outbreaks is cause we are prepared for them.

  • 1 decade ago

    Skin cancer is easily preventable... as is heat stroke. If that's all we have to worry about, I'd rather just buy a good sun block and stay in the air conditioning. Thanks... poor argument for global warming.

    Damien also had a great point... Way more people die from the effects of the cold than the effects of the heat!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why do feel the need to push your view on others and if they do not agree then insult them. Life is short and there is enough of worries without your groups out there trying to scare young children. If your worried about global warming that is your problem why do you need to place stress and worry on others? Is it complex or something?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, they just don't believe all the rubbish being put out about global warming.

    It's the earths natural cycle caused by solar activity!

  • 1 decade ago

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