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Best fighting martial arts style?

Okay basically i want a martial arts style thats best for like defeating people... like self defense or just beating the crap out of someone whos pissing me off. I heard muay thai and jeet kun do are the best. Im like 5'8 skinny... low stamina... asian and not that strong. THanks !

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    If you desire a style for self defence then do it.

    But if someone annoys you then the best policy is to walk away if they allow you to.

    You appear young, time will be your teacher and hopefully you'll learn without getting yourself into trouble or loss of liberty.

    Best wishes :)

    Source(s): 28yrs martial arts Former Japanese Jiu-jitsu coach,Boxer, Bouncer. And recent Tai Chi student.
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    Kenpo is the most well rounded art using techniques that combines many arts and western fighting styles as well. Obviously there will be the BJJ types who will always beat their chests, but it is such a one dimensional art. The 95% go to the ground BS has been disproved in September's Black Belt Magazine with a study of 300 fights where less than 40% went to the ground, out of that 40 70% ended up with one fighter being knocked down to the ground or thrown. The other 30% had both fighters going to the ground with less than 10% with an actual winner. So facts are no 95% of all fights do not go to the ground and the best arts would be Hybrids like Krav Maga, Kenpo and Sambo.

    BTW mean Jean, the %95 myth has been debunked. Facts are facts and that's the facts according to Black Belt and Law enforcement. Do you really think your BJJ instructors are going to tell you it's been a farce all along?

    Source(s): Black Belt Magazine, 18 years in MA, Boxing Muy Thai, Jiu Jitsu..... Former Bouncer.
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    Think you need to stop letting people bother you, its people like you who ruin martial arts. Its not for beating on people, just because they do something. " i want a martial arts style thats best for like defeating people" its not a video game kid, this is a great example of why martial artists today are being viewed as arrogant, and violent people, and very kind people arnt able to practice the arts.

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    Top 10 martial arts styles, in my not so humble opinion. The criteria by which I judge them is simple; if after years of daily long hours logged of training, at the moment of truth, the martial art leaves you sweating bullets, and wastes too much movement, then, it is not very effective. This list assumes that Bruce Lee's corpse was exumed, and that 10 clones were made of him, each of them trained from the age of 5 in each respective style, in the traditional way, by a master of the style. If 10 Bruce Lee clones existend, and they were all told to fight to the death, these are the styles of the Bruce Lees, from most, to least likely to survive;

    1) Tai Chi Chuan, the complete Yang style.

    2) Shaolin Kung Fu, Tibetan Crane Style although in truth..... any member of the Kung Fu family. It is really dependent on practice and the person's own "spiritual development" (e.g. meditation). The words "spiritual development" have a different meaning in the east than it does in the west. In Asia outside the middle east, spiritual development has always been equated with meditation. So when they say that, they mean "meditation." Some martial arts emphasize it more than others.

    3) Shuia Jiao, the king of the grappling styles.

    4) Karate (any style provided Kata is emphasized over anything else), or (yes, or) TKD, trained in as a martial art and not a sport. Oh yeah TKD (Tae Kwan Do).

    5) Catch Wrestling (old school) or Judo.

    6) Western Boxing (30's to 50's)

    7) Muay Thai

    8) Krav Maga

    9) Taught now, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Taught by Helio, its on the same level as catch or Judo.

    10) Sanda/Sanshow, although Sanda is the acceptable spelling. Although the worst in this list, it has proven itself against MMA, showing that the grappling of Shuia Jiao, and the striking in Kung Fu, are both effective.

    So there you have it; my list of top 10 styles, assuming you are using cloned Bruce Lees trained from the age of 5, and made to fight to the death at the age of 30, each, conditioned the way an MMA fighter would be conditioned. In other words each and every clone as muscular and fit as the Bruce Lee the world knew. If made to fight to the death, the Bruce Lee most likely to survive, is the one trained in the complete Yang style of Tai Chi. Although the particular brand of Chin Na used in Tai Chi is supposed to leave someone uninjured, because of the physics-as-a-weapon mindset of Tai Chi Chuan, applied full force they can be lethal. See, that is why the Yang family has not taught the complete martial to the public.

    Ultimately though, if you have meditated for years, and taken your ability to focus to an intense degree, a high ability to focus can indeed negate any mechanical issues each of those martial arts has. See, I list them from top to bottom, based on the mechanical, leverage advantage a given martial art has or does not have. Because Karate actually has quite an extensive stand up grappling game, many of which are painful locks, believe it or not, against a trained Karateka who is a competent grappler, there is not much a pure grappler can do. Believe it or not a Shaolin monk can do to a wrestler, much the same things; place them in ultra painful locks. Again though; if, through Buddhist, Daoist, Yogi, whatever, meditation, you learn to focus to the point where you enter "the zone" at will, all mechanics of all martial arts, are rendered a moot point.

    That much street fighters have proven time and again; the toughest street brawlers all rely on instinct, instinct and focus, having been woken up from years of having to survive the streets. Thus even with training, as the "Art of War" advices; "know your enemy."


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    Chechen Bear Wrestling. You find a bear, run up, slap it in the face, and when it rears up, you move in and try to wrestle it to the ground. It's not very popular, but if you can beat a bear, you can beat anyone.

    The better solution for you would be some anger management courses or maybe a nice extended stay at the Padded-Room Inn. I know the complementary robes are really short with really long arms, but once to hospitality assistants show you how good it feels to hug yourself, maybe you'll realize that beating on people isn't a good thing.

    Come back next week when we'll discuss how you can recognize someone who doesn't really train (or hasn't trained well) in jujutsu on a forum (Sneak peak: something about statistics of fights going to the ground).

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    U disgust me.

    You never learn martial arts to beat someone up.

    You dnt do it to defeat people.

    To disarm or defend and then getaway unharmed.

    Dojo Kun

    google that for the "ways"

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    typical asian-weak on the inside and insecure, and once you master an art , you will use it for the wrong reasons. I would stick to WWE, because there, you are supposed to beat up folks who piss you off. Good luck, good riddance..

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    Once again an age old question.

    There are no such things as superior styles. None...never...any given day anyone can be beaten.

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    dont fight anyone unless there is no other choice you are better of to run away it doesnt matter if you wer the best fighter in the world you still shouldnt fight unless you absolutely have to.

  • The guy above me is absolutly correct. I just want to add Systema. It is great for beating people up.

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